"No Bottle left Unemptied" Unlocks only for some players on the match

Issue Summary: Drinking all Ale in the event unlocks the quest only for some of them. As a host, we completed a run and only my friend, as client, unlocked it.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play “A Quiet Drink”
  2. Drink all ale
  3. When back for the mission, check Okri’s challenges.
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You must end map with 3 stacks of “drunk” to earn unlock. There is no need to drink everything you can find on the map. Maybe you don’t have 3 stacks when u reach Bridge of Shadows

Is that so? Then the description is all wrong!

Same just happend for me. Finished game as a host, my friends, who played as clients recieved it, me not. And it’s definitely not related with stacks, because only one of my friends got 3 of them at the end. Stupid event, stupid map, and also bugged challenges. All that “Celebration” is a lowest quality event i ever seen.


Even with the bugs, I’ve had at least 3 hours of fun on that map with me mates today. It’s a great update and most people are enjoying it. Calm down lad


My thoughts exactly. It’s my favourite event in all of Vermintide’s history. Lots of fun, especially just after watching “The World’s End”


When I played, one of my companion had only two stacks and probably that’s why he did not get the unlock. He said about that us when we finish. Notice that when you are down, the counter resets.

I have remedy - don’t play it

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I didn’t end the map with 3 stacks but I still got the frame.

Edit: Would like to add that our whole team got the frame and we drank all the ale we could find.

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On stream Tom clearly said that you must reach 3 stacks of “drunk” Maybe 3 stacks is enough and is not necessary to end with them.
Summarizing, we need a clear conditions for unlocks.

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Same happened to me. Carried my team (as host) through the game and drank all bottles while they lay dead. All of them got the portrait (the hungry troll) except me. Pretty annoying

Looks like there is problem with host on this event. But is still not necessary to drink all bottles. You must only reach 3 stacks

nothing new here:

  • fs have really good ideas
  • some aspects are astonishing
  • not clear/misleading
  • not enough debugged push
  • a good will almost drowned by a so and so quality management
    I agree it is a fun ride, not exactly my taste, but it’s free and no where is written they had to give us something for free.
    So basically it is the typical FS deliver, many good points and some annoying ones.

For both portraits? Cause I got the obese megalodon portrait from having 3 stacks, but not the “drink all the ale”-one.

I’m sure we did not drink everything for “drink all the ale" unlock. Last encounter is insane and no one thought about looking for bottles. I’m sure that we leave few of them when event was ending and all jump down.

Like I said before. We need a clear conditions how earn prizes from unlock in the future events.

Seems like a hosting problem, everyone got it but me.

The first annoying thing in that update for me was inability to host a “new” map and play it in private - i don’t like playing with random people. The idea with beer debuffs draining your ultimate looks boring. So that bug just killed the rest of the enjoyment for me. Instead of trying to force me to play with pubs FS should concentrate on quality of content they deliver.

All in all, it appears to be that objective is to get 3 stacks of drunk buff and complete mission successfully. Problem is it doesn’t work properly for anyone who is hosting. Just got frame after being client with 3 stacks of drunk buff and no one drank every bottle out there and, of course, it did not work for me when I was hosting.

I’m not getting this one done either, first as host, now as client.

The 3 people I was playing with got it, I didn’t and now seem unable to. :>

Just finished the mission with my friends. We tried to drink everything we could, but we could’ve missed some.
After ending all three of them got the frame except me (I was the host :frowning: )

Hmm ok i was hosting and ran this event the morning it downloaded before work at like 6am.

I am pretty sure we did not drink every bottle of ale i dont think we got them all.

But i got both portraits in that first run. Didnt know about stacks of drunk either but me and kruber cleared out the entire 2nd floor and i went down a few times. Maybe i was 3 stacks in

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