[XB1] Vermintide 2 - Anniversary Update


Welcome to the Xbox One Anniversary! Today we celebrate 1 year since the release of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on Xbox One - and to help lubricate the celebrations we’re rolling out a new Event Level - ‘A Quiet Drink’, and with it a sweet new set of Portrait Frames that are up for grabs for a limited time only!

Thank you SO much for joining us in this adventure over the past 12 months. We hope you enjoy the anniversary celebrations in the form of this special event level and portrait frames. We can’t wait to continue the journey with you all with everything we have in store for the future!

Big love from the Fatshark Tank


  • New Event Level - ‘A Quiet Drink’. Join the heroes on a night out on the town. Surely nothing can go wrong with this plan.
  • Three new Portrait Frames - With these three new Portrait Frames you can help yourself remember a great night out on the town every time you play - but remember, you’ll need to earn them!

Keep an eye on social media for information on unlocking the third and final portrait frame!


See you in Helmgart!


Great event thank you

Have Vermintide 2 Xbox One Edition update to support Chinese Subtittles this time ?

Hi got kind of a Problem here.
I cant play the event anymore. I finished the quests for it maby cause of this ? A friend got the same Problem . We wanted to play it again together Cause the map was really funny .

The event also disappeared for me after completing challenges.

Hey fellow rat catchers, I returned as well (after completing the event the previous evening with randoms) to find that the event was gone. I was hoping to enjoy the drunken brawl with some friends but it wasn’t even there neither for my friend nor I. Bummer. Hope its fixable…

This is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up!


Ty for the fast support.

Love the event stage. Can we have it permanently? It’s a fun rework to the map with a nice challenge. Maybe not with the event items, but it could be fun as a change of pace.


I completely agree! Please let’s keep the map.


Since we got no mod realm on xbox like pc ppl this would be great

Hi there! I don’t want to miss the 3rd portrait but I do not understand exactly how to unlock it…? I’ve seen some kind of clues on Twitter and the Xbox Club but what with them? Do we have to do something in game? Will it unlock for everyone if the community manage to give the right answer to every clues? How is it working?


Hey there! I finally got my internet set back up and was excited to play the level. Sadly, it’s not there. The event challenges say that I still have 2 days to finish. I’ve reloaded, restarted, everything, but the option for the map is not there. Please help. Gamer tag is JokerVenom1122

Event no longer populating for me in Xbox lobby, I thought we had until the 25th to finish it!? (Haven’t unlocked all the quest rewards yet)

This should be fixed now @cspowers419 / @Buwys

Can we get the event extended by a couple of days for those that couldn’t get into the event? I have a friend on Xbox that wanted to play the event map, but it wasn’t there yesterday.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick fix!

@TocFanKe4 we have extended the event to the 26th :slight_smile:

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YAY! Thanks!

When do we get the 3rd portrait frame?

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