[PC] Vermintide 2 - Hotfix - Anniversary Update


Today we’ve put out which addresses a few issues introduced in patch 1.6 - The Anniversary Update:


  • Fixed one case which could lead to a crash in the ‘Obese Megalodon’ on the event level ‘A Quiet Drink’.
  • Changed the quest ‘No Bottle Left Unemptied’ so that it requires a total of 99 ales to be drunk, across all sessions. The quest tracks all party members, so if the host drinks 20 ales and each client drinks 20 ales, the total tracked progress would be 80 ales for each player’s quest progress. Prior to this patch, should a player have drunk 99 ales or more, the quest should auto-complete upon logging in once more during the event.
  • Fixed erroneous rain sound effects heard whilst playing ‘A Quiet Drink’.
  • Fixed a floating candle on ‘A Quiet Drink’.

EDIT: Unfortunately, it seems we didn’t catch all instances of the crash. We’re actively investigating, but not been able to reproduce the crash once yet internally. Work continues to solve it once and for all, and we apologise profusely for the inconvenience.


I liked the floating candle, but nonetheless, thanks for the quick-fixes! :smiley:

Rock on and take it easy.

The crash is not fixed. My best buddy still crashes every run

I think the operative terminology in this statement is “one case” as opposed to “all cases.”

Needless to say I am sorry to hear that your buddy is still crashing :frowning:

There is no opportunity to pass the event. Permanent crash. Update (fix) did not help. :crying_cat_face: We are waiting for improvements. :cat:‍:computer:

After the update I had several problems, such as losing a file called VCruntime140ddl and then putting an error called 0xc0000142 with an easy-anticheat warning and I do not know what to do and I have already checked the files and I have uninstalled and installed the game several times.

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