[PC] Vermintide 2 - Hotfix - Anniversary Event Extended


We just put live hotfix

  • Fixed an uncommon Engine crash


Today we’ve put out which we hope bypasses the crash players are experiencing on the event level ’ A Quiet Drink '. This will also include expanded logging for the specific cause of crash so we can get a better understanding of the exact cause of the problem.

You might ask “Why don’t you play the level yourselves and work it out like that?” - well we have played the level a whole bunch of times (of course!) and it’s never resulted in the crash some of you are experiencing. So this way we can at least get a deeper look in to the particulars that lead to this eventuality.

The fix in place in this patch should hopefully allow the game to continue running for those who meet the troubled bit of code, generate the log file and send it to us whilst allowing you to continue the run through the map.

Thanks for your patience and do let us know how it goes!

Due to the problems some players have faced in playing through the limited time Event Level, we can announce that we will be extending the availability of ‘A Quiet Drink’ and the related quests by one week - until March 25th at 12pm CET.


Cheer up! even though some of us whining(including me), we appreciate your work to improve your game

Any news on how often the map has been played and how far we are off from the 100k for the 3rd frame?


For some reason i thought that extencion means we’ll be getting “Lohner’s emporium of wonders”. Well i guess we have to wait a bit longer.

When updating vermintide 2 I had an error that a file does not appear after solving the error appeared new motor, when starting the game in the launcher after a start time came out the message that the game could not be started (0xc0000142) and I do not know what to do.

Have you verified your game files?


when I place the file Vcruntime140 I get the error 0xc0000142 and a notice of easy-anticheat and I do not know what to do anymore

What do you mean by that, what’s that file and where have you placed it? It sounds like you’ve triggered the anti-cheat system by doing that.

Anyway, a complete reinstall would be the next step. Try that if possible, it should resolve the problem.

I unnistall and install 3 times y nada

You need to run repair on all instances of Visual Studio that allow for it.

Go to your program list, search for “visual” and modify > repair each instance of Visual Studio that lets you.

I done this and nothing

Have you run SFC?

yes, and says that all the files are fine

Well I’ll be honest, it’s a Windows / Microsoft file as opposed to one of ours so could well be a profile or OS corruption. My next step would be a malware and virus scan and failing that I’d format the OS.

One thing to try is create a new windows user / profile and see if you can run the game there.

ok, so queston here as I really don’t know: Is 12 PM lunch or Midnight?


Ah, then it’s over now anyways. Pity I’m never at home for those events.
Thank you anyways.

What’s the status on the event and the third portrait frame reward?

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