Grail Knight - Frames from a Quiet Drink Event


I just noticed that the frames from a quiet drink event (like the beer glass or the obese megalodon) can’t be equipped by the Grail Knight. This seems rather odd. Is there some kind of Lore reason like GKs being religously anti-alcoholic or was it just an oversight?

And why would only be these three be effected? Do you have to mark each frame actually for who can equip it?

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I feel that this topic should belong to bug report section =p

Yeah, noticed this as well. Thought it was kind of funny though. Mr. noble knight, too good for a drink…

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Well, wasn’t and still am not sure that it is a bug. In worst case, moderators should be able to move the thread to the appropriate section.

Not sure either but as they did make the change already to make all careers able to equip all frames (this was not a thing at first). I really do tend to think that’s it’s a bug. Let’s ping @FatsharkJulia to be sure =p

Ah damn. Your edit was faster than me. I wanted to summon her too. Was already reading an article how to summon someone by standing in front of mirrors and repeating their name.

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Nah I tried with @Fatshark_Hedge to enter the “secret alpha for new careers”. By repeating his name 3 times.
@Fatshark_Hedge @Fatshark_Hedge @Fatshark_Hedge but it does not seems to work.

Tis a bug indeed, one on our radar, just hasn’t been tippy top of the prioritah to fix!

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Sooo, our job is done or should I make the same thread in the bug section?

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It should be there, but this is on our radar all the same.

I’ll move it over and give it the flair.


Ah, I too was certain it was intentional. Too chivalrous to declare his love of boozin’.

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