Grail Knight Infinite Ultimate Use

I didn’t see an official forums post about this so I thought I would mention it. Right now, if you use grail knight and fire off an ult it doesn’t consume the ult bar charge. The video I linked is not mine but an example of how to do it. You use the alt, let it hit, block after the hit, and the charge is not used. In-game, I have the level 35 talent that does the extra stab, not sure if the addition of the stab allows for you to cancel before the ult is consumed. The person in the video starts using it around 17:50

Link to the problem: grail knight infinite ult - YouTube

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I found out about it too.

It requires the Second Stab trait as far as I can tell. I only discovered it accidentally when I mashed my Left Bumper and Left Trigger (yes I play with a controller don’t @ me for that) at the same time.

I won’t lie, I’ve been enjoying it for about a day now. But it’s gotta be patched soon. It was great while my party got rudely ambushed by two Choas Spawns, but I don’t want it to become people’s (read, mine) only fallback the moment the going gets tough. Hell, I’ve already gotten into the habit of pulling it out whenever a patrol shows up. What next, Critters? It’s like crack, and I’ve got a problem.

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Yeah, at this point I’ll enjoy it while I have it. Realizing you have a problem is the first step to kicking it. xD

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I also noticed this! I always use the double stab ultimate, though I usually block cancel the second stab if there’s a horde to worry about! Something so funny about running around the map just hearing, “Parish fiend! For the Grail! For the Lady! Heart, body, and Soul!” constantly lol. I don’t like how the glitch works with the way I usually play the game though, I don’t want to rely on it, and the experience annoys my friends, especially when it robs them of a special or elite kill.

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