What do you guys think about Grail Knight's ult animation?

It’s very late, but I thought they would give him a narrow diagonal swing that starts from over the shoulder, not an actual “over head”. And since his helmet can be a tall, I think this looks kinda awkward.

So, I think it better be start from above/over the shoulder, not actually above the head.

What do you guys think about GK’s ult animation?

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I think FS has a lot of things that require far more attention than this one right now.

I would rework it in this way:

  • “base version” changed from the vertical attack (pretty useless) to the horizontal sweep;

  • Virtue of Audacity: after the first (vertical) attack, you have some seconds to “use” the second attack (the stab). Like BW double ult;

  • Virtue of Confidence: now that the horizontal sweep is present as default, this talent could improve it… I don’t know… more cleave? Some cooldown reduction?

  • Virtue of the Knight: the idea of an ult that “gives bonus” is cool… but dunno, I would like something to improve the survivability: maybe speed + dmg reduction? For 20 seconds?

Anyway every ult’s animation should be a little bit faster.

I don’t care one way or the other. I mostly use the horizontal ult anyway.

I understand that Bretonnian Grail Knights in lore don’t polearms besides lances and such, but couldn’t you make an exception for Grail Knight Kruber? I thought Questing Knights would use whatever weapons necessary to complete their mission for the lady PrepaidGiftBalance

I’m talking about a Grail Knight’s ult animation, guys.

I think the animation is fine, striking from over the head has merit in longsword fighting styles, and yes, the lesson scene form kingdom of heaven is legit (just disregard they are training with their actual swords, and general inconsistency and inaccuracy of that movie).
It’s also to show of the conjured sword a bit more (as it happens right in your face). Summoning it in your face to then lay it back above your shoulder would feel akward, i think, putting it a bit higher and then striking down again looks very good for me.

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I really like the animations, both overhead and horizontal slash. I’d hate to see them changed to be honest.

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It’s fine in every regards except end lag IMO :wink:

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It’s fine.

Of course they have other things to focus on, so my own suggestion is just for discussion/fun. I think it would be cool if Virtue of the Impetuous was kept the same stat wise but the animation was changed to an on foot charge with a lance.

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