Grail Knight Ability Bug

Using Virtue of Confidence
If the amount of mobs it goes through are too many it doesn’t seem to register with half of them.
This is an issue due to Grail Knights expecting all enemies who are in range to be struck.

This has been confirmed and tested multiple times, so it’s worth taking a look into.

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Well thats wrong :slight_smile: It dosn’t expect to hit all enemies

Are you saying it not having infinite cleave is a bug? Or that it looks like it goes through enemies but doesn’t actually register a hit on them?

IIRC, the horizontal strike blessed blade should have infinite stagger cleave, but very little damage cleave (so it’ll kill a few, and stagger all of them)

So long as it’s staggering all of them, it should be fine. It most definitely isn’t going to kill everything in front of you, nor should it.


It’s not infinite, but it’s pretty high.
Virtue of confidence should be: ~14.14 damage cleave, 56.56 stagger cleave + Tank.

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I don’t think it has Tank, if it did then Chaos Warriors would stop it in its tracks, but it just keeps going.
Heavy Linesman maybe?

It doesn’t cleave chaos warriors at all, though it does matter what the blade hits first.
but it definitely says : hit_mass_count = TANK_HIT_MASS_COUNT for damage_profile = “questing_knight_career_sword_tank” under his default_tank attack.

the 2nd one. It looks like it goes through them but doesn’t register a hit.

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Well then its just visual thing like with halberd it dont have stuck animation

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