[Blessed Blade] Virtue of Confidence - Hitbox issues

The Grail Knight’s Blessed Blade ability with the talent “Virtue of Confidence” has a weird hitbox. I’m certain everyone who has played the Grail Knight with this talent for a while had this happen to them.

The hitbox seems paper thin with no vertical depth/height whatsoever, which causes some strange occurences and only hitting one or two of those pesky rats when instead you should’ve been able to kill a whole bunch of them.

I tried to capture it in this video, hopefully it helps to showcase what I’m talking about:

The hitbox seems to be too high. Meaning, aiming at the head and not hitting. Or the reach is not long enough?
Here showcased on a dummy.

The animation is too low when compared to the hitbox.


I don’t necessarily think the hitbox is wrong, but the animation certainly is.
Here (1:15 in the first video) you can clearly see the sword going above all the SVs on the right and hitting the one on the left only ; while the yellow effect of the strike is 20 centimetres below the sword strike and does go through them.

And even in the video’s thumbnail you can see that the holy swipe effect doesn’t follow the sword.

That being said, I do not know whether the actual hitbox even follows the sword’s path, it might be even higher… You tried to show this in the second video but I’m not convinced the hit box is higher than the crosshair, I think you can’t hit the top of the dummy’s head because it is just out of reach - your reach is a sphere so it is longer (in the horizontal axis) for things that are at the same height as you, and decreases when you look up or down.
Have you tried while standing closer ?

The sword and the effect are definitely split, but animation-wise the sword is ok and the effect is too low and should be higher → this is definitely a visual bug.
The actual hitbox could be following the sword or it could be a bit too high → I think this requires a bit of testing.
The hitbox is inconsistent when aiming for packs of staggered SVs’ heads → I definitely encountered the situation in which I expected the mobs in front of me to be dead and they weren’t ; but honestly not that often. I also tend to lower my aim when using GK’s ability to hit as many things as I can, as I am under the impression that it has infinite cleave and applies its damage to everything hit without splitting or decreasing it ; but I could be entirely wrong on that.

I barely use Virtue of Confidence anymore, because its inconsistent and inaccurate. I cant get rid of the Elite/s that are inside the wave when I want, or need to. Same goes for specials. Best case you ragdoll them. Worst your Confidence “misses” aka goes straight through them, and gets you hooked/shanked. There is also the urge to get as close as possible into the Elites to get as many as possible. Shouldnt be a problem, since everything that doesnt die should fly, but it just doesnt happen reliably.

For me its just not worth it. Audacity lets you pinpoint smite specials from waves, or for sure kill one, or even two CWs, or up to four full hp SVs without having to ask Randald for permission. Its not nearly as great vs Zerker waves, or damaged SVs, but it always does what its supposed to do.

Some might come around the corner and say: “Sure, but when it hits its great!”. When it doesnt, I might be dead for no reason I had influence over.


I think the perceived animation mismatch is because the Blade itself is so fast that it’s barely visible, while the trail of light stays for a bit longer - the trail of light however is only cast by the guard of the sword, and not by the blade, thus appearing “lower”.

I’ve noticed in the screenshots, that the blade is also angled upwards, which I think shouldn’t be the case.

Maybe that’s already the issue? Because the hitbox to me feels like this, which would correspond to the angle of the blade:

Whereas it should be more along the lines of this:

(Reach was not a factor for these screenshots)

@Radina.Shevu Glad I’m not the only one who’s feeling this way. I thought I was going crazy.

This is hands-down the most confusing thing about it.

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