Grail Knight as a Bot

I wanted to run Convocation of Decay Legend with only bots, and I thought that the grail knight (with 3 missions, and horizontal swipe) would be the most useful here. I mean, he can block fire, has a chance to give a party wide heal (useful for bots sometimes), nice clear on his ult. I found 2 main issues as to why this doesn’t actually work too well:

  1. He never seems to switch from his primary weapon. I tried X sword and b/shield, and vice versa, and he would never switch to X sword to hit chaos warriors, or switch to shield to block fire. So for now, keep in mind that you don’t get his weapon versitality in bot form.
  2. His ult seemst to only trigger on specials. He seemingly never uses it in a high density horde with storm vermin, or on chaos warriors. This is a shame in areas like the CoD finale, considering how low the cooldown on his ult is.

Could this issues be looked into? That last point really limits his potential as a bot.


The weapon issue is, in my opinion, too difficult to solve. You either leave it as is, or you program in a whole set of logic for which weapon works better in what scenario, for every weapon in the game (and you might even have to factor in properties) for bot behavior that only affects 2 classes in the entire game.
It’s just unreasonable to expect this.

But, the second issue is very much fixable. GK has a very low CD ult, the bot should just use his ult more freely. Currently, he seems to only use it against monsters (good), specials (good) and sometimes against berserkers? (Also good). Just need to make it so he also uses it freely against all kinds of elites (chaos warriors, stormvermin, chaos maulers, bestigors, everything)


Yeah, I understand about the weapons. An issue that could arise is that the bots switch weapons at a bad moment, and get downed because of it. The single weapon thing can be left as “bot behaviour”.

As for the ult, I am just rather salty about seeing GK kruber blocking stormvermin/chaff/chaos warrior blobs on CoD with a full ult bar.