Thanks for the fix

Bots don’t stuck in ult any longer.

Interesting. Time to play with Waystalker, Bounty Hunter, and Grail Knight bots.

WS bot AKA aggro every patrol on the map bot. Changed my WS bot to SotT and never looked back even if she does like to bounce gutter runners around impotently with her Ult

Don’t get too excited. Grail knight still wastes his ult on skaven slaves and waits 5-6 seconds when finally releasing the attack. Kruber in general cannot defend himself with any weapon. Not even with the combat AI mod.
Bots still stuck in many places, aggro patrols (not only WS!), walk too far to refill ammo, charge into warpfire and all other annoying stuff. I think they leave you more often than before and walk into patrols.
BH still aiming constantly with ult. I just saw this on YT.

I wouldn’t say he’s hugely survivable, but considering the surprisingly huge kill count he tends to get (often 500-600+ on Cata), spear and shield Merc holds his own very very well.

Maybe, but it would be painful for me to watch him cutting constantly with a spear.

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That is the exact same behavior as before. That seems to happen when their intended target dies before they can hit or shoot them with their ult, or if they cannot be hit or shot with the ult for some reason.

So, was this issue actually fixed? (There was no mention of this fix in the patch notes.)

I’m using the bot mod, but I still have GK Bot holding his ult until he gets killed sometimes.

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I saw GN canceling his ult many times after all enemies died. I don’t remember him doing it earlier. A month ago I had a fight GN spending a complete boss fight outside the arena on Halescouge holding his ult.
That’s why I thought it might be an update.