Grail Knight Bot Ult after Patch

Out of pure boredom I decided to replace Mercenary bot with Grail Knight bot and noticed his strange behaviour.
Grail Knight bot can get locked in skill use position. As far as I remember, it used to be an issue several months ago and supposively got fixed, but it’s still here somehow. It seems to me that this is related to specials.
Also, I use Bot Improvements mod, this might be important.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play with Grail Knight bot in your team.
  2. Encounter a special and kill it before Kruber.
  3. Watch the bot.

Here are two videos.

  1. Grail Knight tries to kill an assassin with his ult, and Sienna manages to do it faster, so he freezes in one position with the sword raised above his head. Looks like he found new targets to kill, but since they were behind a fence, he didn’t know how to get them. Other bots went into the same state for a moment. Then rat ogre showed up and that made Kruber free from whatever burdened him:
  1. However, it doesn’t seem to happen 100% of the time, and Kruber can cancel his ult if he pleases. No specials involved:

Also, here’s a console log if it helps:
console-2021-04-03-16.01.01-9c94ca0f-2d74-4aeb-a0a9-2ed6383d0be3.log (2.9 MB)


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