Bigger they are - broken quest?

Cant make any progress with this one. Did skitergate and alone in the dark maps. Killed random bosses too. It’s still 0/3. That quest bugged?

Same here, we’re playing in a party of 4, 3 of us had the quest, 2 of us aren’t getting any progress.

Was host the one to get progress?

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Now that i think about it, yes, he was hosting.

Then its the same old different code running on client vs server…

It’s sad but you need to take last hit on a boss to make it cout for this quest, had the same issue today.

Okay, that’s annoying. Very annoying. And hopefully not intended, because three boss kills times four players equals twelve bosses (and thus likely at least twelve separate runs) and manipulating the last strike to boot. Also very, very much easier to complete for some careers.

Good to know!
And yeah, annoying for sure!

Since this has been reported, in case you want a different quest there’s a little reroll button hidden to the topright of the quests, and you can request a single new quest to replace an old one (I’m guessing once a day)

Thought I’d let you know!

(Thanks for thinking ahead on that, Fatshark!)

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Guess what. I got the 3 boss kill quest as the result of rerolling a different one…


RNG love you!

I had the same problem as well, killed a ton of bosses with team but only got credit for the ones I got the last hit on. Extra frustrating since the description says to do it AS A PARTY! Either its bugged or that tooltip needs a serious rewrite.

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