Weekly quests not promoting teamwork and forcing playstyles

Just wanted to leave here a remark that I realized with my friends while playing some Darktide and trying to finish specific weekly quests for everyone in my party this week. I am referring to the Kill X enemy type in Y way. I think these weekly quest should be remade a bit to promote more teamwork and just plain slaughter rather than forcing players to not be efficient during a map because someone need specific enemy kills etc.
I think there are two fundamental flaws in the weekly quests that should be addressed:

  1. Demanding players to kill specific enemies in a certain way
  2. It only counting towards one player progression
    I really feel this is a joy killer to force a player into a certain type of gameplay that the character may be not efficient at and forcing them to kill 750 enemies that way. The quest in itself is fine but I feel like 2 things need to be adjusted. Get rid of the requirement to kill that amount of enemies in a specific way and make the kills count to the progression of all the players in the session that have that specific type of enemy kill required even if they weren’t the ones killing it or having the quest in the first place. If that makes it easier just make it require more kills (like 1000 or something), but for Emperors sake let us revel in the glory of smiting our enemies without having to check who needs to kill an enemy in what specific way and trying to avoid them hitting back, because my Ogryn needs to tippy tappy all the way up to the enemy to smack him and finish a weekly.
    Hoping that the FatShark team reads it, and sorry if I am repeating an already existing topic, but I really feel like weekly quests make the game more annoying than fun.

P.S.- Also add tracking on weekly quest to the hub or when you press tab, so much unused space, and it would be nice to see the progress at all time


Already does. When the tracking works.