Weekly Quest feedback

I personally see a problem with specific Weekly Quest. I especially mean task like “Finish X secondary objcetion with the mission X”

  1. Very grind quests of this type force you to do the same mission. as long as they still hit the quest board, then wait for them to reappear.
  2. Quests reward as much as others, but honestly for me they require more work than others so there’s really no point comparing them to “don’t die X time” quests where you can farm it just by doing lvl 1 quests. And you get this same rewards

And when I see such tasks, I just care about the weekly reward for now.

I could probably extend this list of problems I see with this type of Q, but I think these 2 points are enough to outline the problem for the player.

not even to mention that looking for books on these maps is a bit of a pain. Somehow it hurt less in V2

I replace this stupid task and get easy 2x medium task.


They’re extremely specific. You really have to spam the same mission over and over and you can’t even select it so you have to pray it pops up on the mission table. These things are atrocious.