Questionable Weapon Restrictions


Career(s) Weapon(s) Can use weapon w/o a shield Can use weapon w/ a shield Makes sense?
Mercenary & Huntsman Spear Yes Yes Yes
Foot Knight Spear No Yes No
Merc, Huntsman, & FK 1h (Empire) Sword, 1h Mace Yes Yes Yes
Grail Knight 1h (Empire) Sword, 1h Mace Yes Yes Kinda weird due to the Empire insignia.
Grail Knight Bretonnian Sword Yes Yes Yes
Merc, Huntsman, & FK Bretonnian Sword Yes No No
Warrior Priest Flail No Yes No
Bounty Hunter & Zealot (and maybe WHC too, not sure about the lore) Flail Yes No No

As shown in the above table, some of the weapons restrictions regarding shields don’t make sense. Foot Knight should be able to use the Spear and the Warrior Priest the Flail. It’s weird that the FK can only use a Spear, and that the WP can only use a Flail provided that they have a shield to go along with it. It’s the other way around with the Bretonnian Sword and the Flail for the non-WP careers. Non-GK careers can use a Bretonnian Sword, and non-WP careers can use a Flail, but can’t if they bring along a shield with it. If they can use those weapons with or without a shield for whatever reason, adding a shield or not bringing the shield shouldn’t be a problem.

Drakefire Pistols

Ranger Veteran Bardin seems to have forgotten how to use the Drakefire Pistols. In Vermintide 1, Ranger Bardin can use the Drakefire Pistols. In Vermintide 2, Ranger Veteran Bardin now suddenly can’t use them. I believe this is the only V1 weapon that can’t be used by its successor career in V2. It seems that lore is not the issue here since GW allowed the Ranger to use it in V1.

Warrior Priest and Hammers

It’s weird that the WP can’t use many of Saltzpyre’s weapons: Flail, Axe, Axe and Falchion, Falchion, Rapier, Billhook, Greatsword. Are Warrior Priests restricted by lore to only use hammer weapons and the Flail & Shield?

And what’s up with the hammer WP weapons being restricted from the WHC and Bounty Hunter? Are they not allowed to wield hammer weapons in lore?


Markus de Mandelot should have Bretonnian illusions for the Empire weapons that he shares with the non-GK careers. It’s weird for a Grail Knight to be using weapons filled with Sigmarite and Empire symbols. This shames The Lady and the ‘de Mandelot’ name.

Many of the career weapon restrictions could probably be resolved by adding appropriate illusions. We already have Myrmidian illusions for all characters, something like this could be added to resolve lore-based weapon restrictions.


From what I’ve seen Warrior Priests are always shown using hammers, one look at the Warhammer Wiki article shows evidence to support that. Figurines with dual hammers, the book and 1h hammer, the greathammer etc… It also notes that warhammers are the “favoured weapon of Sigmar”. I think the last quote speaks for itself - but it does pose a question as to why the flail was allowed in that case. I couldn’t tell you from surface level research, but if GW allowed it, it’s probably lore friendly.

No clue why WHC or BH can’t use them, I never really gave it much thought

Give FK Tuskgor Spear already! That’s really my only contribution to this sorry. Table checks out


He can’t sadly, i heard that those restrictions were made by GW. Still I belive other victors careers should have access to some of the new weapons.
I really see no reason FK shouldn’t use spear.


Bretonnian S&S is the most defensive weapon in game, having tons of stagger movesets and some single target armor dmg, yet completely lacking horde clear. The weapon’s usage is very limited for careers other than GK who can equip an additional melee weapon for offensive characteristics.

Tuskgor Spear though I have no idea why it’s restricted on FK. FK would use it very well, wouldn’t have any OP synerge too. It would just be a nice addition, and so players have said for a long time too. Not sure what dev’s intention was.

F&S is an upgrade version of flail, with much faster attack speed, higher push stagger, more defensive stats and aposte feature. There really is no reason for WP to use flail even if it were possible. Reason it’s restricted for other classes is probably because of balance, as the weapon is more like a special favor for WP.

About Drakefire Pistol I think the weapon isn’t compatible with RV’s characteristics in many ways. RV has faster reload, has a talent to reduce cd on reload, has bigger ammo pouches, and drops ammo; none of which DP can benefit from. Allowing it to RV would just make RV players to not even touch random ranged upgrades on CW, and that would be a tragedy becuase RV is one of the few carriers that has solid reason to try random ranged upgrades as he goes well with anything atm.


It kinda makes sense why saltz careers excluding WP cant use flail+shield, imagine fumbling around with a giant shield+flail and also trying to arm&aim a crossbow. Or for zealot who is kinda supposed to be borderline suicidal to turtle behind a shield.

On the other hand, warrior priest has no reason to not bring a shield with his flail given he´s focused on being big&bulky anyway. Oh and as for Kruber and GK weaponry, its probably a thing with Brettonia and the Empire making their swords&stuff a bit different so even if both places make a a type of weapon you´d use em differently.

So that´d be why he has a variant of sword+shield, that play differently, from both places.


  • Bretonnian Shields: Slight change on how it currently work
    GK get a new trait/passive changing all the shields into Bretonnian shields, giving the Bastion of Bretonnia effect but also changing the Shield bash to be stronger

  • Tuskor Spear: Changed into a Trident of Manaan (Ok for GK due to Aquitaine)

  • Need new ranged: GL Blunderbuss is requested but i would prefer Cav. Pistol BoP (Heavier BoP) or Cav. Pistol and Sword


  • Dual Axes: give it to all of them, if they want to do an exclusive Slayer weapon either do the Whirling Blades of Death (Doom Seekers) or Giant Axe (Though I would prefer to let Ranger and OE also take the Doomseekers)

  • Drakefire Pistol is better as locked to Ironbreaker and Outcast Engineer, as those necessitate special armours to not fry yourself up


  • Spear and Shield: Given to Shade and Waystalker due to Dreadspears and Warden respectively


  • WP: Get Flail, Axe, and Billhook
  • Zealot: Get All WP weapon but Blessed tome
  • WH/BH: Get All WP but Blessed tome, Shield and Great Hammer


  • None at the moment
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So glad Sienna only has 4 weapons total, so she doesn’t have this problem.


Just wait till they make her WP of Myrmidia and do just as the WP of Sigmar, melee only and a whole new set of weapons

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Non-WP Saltz careers can already use a huge two-handed greatsword, or a two-handed bill hook, or one weapon on each hand, while also managing to arm and aim a crossbow. Kruber also has no issue using a weapon with a shield, or a huge two-handed hammer, a two-handed executioner sword or a greatsword while using a bow.

It could be like the Hammer & Tome, or the 1h Hammer. Lighter, more mobile weapons. It’s less fun if you have two melee slots but are restricted to half of the available melee weapons.

So glad Sienna only has 4 weapons total, so she doesn’t have this problem.

Inb4 new weapon announcement: Dagger & Shield, can only be used by the new Sienna career. The new Sienna career is also restricted from using the Dagger without a shield.


The only Kruber career that handles a big shield is GK i think? Big weapons are less clunky than a big shield+anything really.

Unless we´re talking a really big flail, that´d be awkward too.

This is a fair argument, but on the other hand, games workshop is very damn unlikely to allow it at any rate.

Touch their stuff without permission and your whole crew + any related fandom will taste the mighty banhammer, followed by lawsuit if you still resist…or fatshark in this case.

I´d happily keep the present over that.