Why does Saltzpyre have an access to all his weapons no matter the career?

Probably it’s been already discussed, but I really wonder why. Watching zealots operating with rapiers and BoP looks to me like an engineer with throwing axes.


Personally i think each career should be capable of using any weapon he/she was using in v1. Considering he/she already posseses experience of using it from his/hers past.


It´d make for a very weird game if you were only able to pick the stylish weapons for each career : P

Glances sideways towards fashion souls&hunter

Saltzpyre and Sienna have the smallest number of weapon types of all the characters (only 11 – Kruber has 16 and Bardin 17). I imagine the devs didn’t want to split such a small pool even further.


Well lorewise a flagellant (what Zealot is) would probably take any weapon, even a stick to fight for their belief. Begs the question if a rapier isn’t a bit too fancy for them.

I am not entirely sure why OE can’t use Throwing axes. Maybe Balancing reasons or are Throwing axes too ‘primitive’ for an Engineer, since he can’t use the crossbow either.

In an ideal world I would have made the zealot a melee only career and given him more specific options in terms of flails and maces. The current situation is probably due to limited resources and development priorities. You can’t make these things too restrictive, otherwise you’d be left with careers having a fairly small arsenal.

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I agree, OE should be able to use any weapon.

I quite like the way minor weapon restrictions are used to give the premium careers a particular flavor and personality – the Grail Knight eschewing “peasant weapons” and the Outcast Engineer ignoring “primitive” missile weapons like crossbows and throwing axes. I would like to see this continue with the forthcoming careers, but I suppose not everyone agrees that it’s a good thing.

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Wardancer Keri can only use double wield weapons ;3

Iirc it’s Bardin honouring his uncle Drakki, following his own path and sticking to his passions by embracing experimentality/invention (firearms, his own custom made weapons) and by rejecting traditional weapons (Crossbow, Throwing Axes). The same logic doesn’t apply to OE’s melee options because of the ranged focus of the career. It’s less so that these weapons are primitive, but more so that they’re traditional.

I remember seeing this mentioned in one of the posts but I can’t recall which, so I can’t confirm that this is why.

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