Pyromancer's Ult

I feel like this fireball has a life of its own, sometimes it homes in…sometimes it just flies around avoiding everything and goes off somewhere. I think this started happening after last patch, and has not been brought to awareness, even after most recent patch. I hope this gets fixed soon, as its quite annoying to save it up for that special mob, and it goes the opposite way not hitting anything at all.

Everything is working fine for me on her ult.

Have you tried holding down F and selecting a target with it? (If something is highlighted red it dies)

The issue I have with it is that half the time it will swoop to one enemy then vanish, other times it will bounce around killing many. Thinking about it, I guess it has a set amount of damage it can do. If it hits a chaos warrior it is consumed entirely. What do you think? What’s your experience on the matter?

I guess i am the only one that uses the F ability, and it hovers over someones head rapidly without hitting anything. I finally decide to kill that target myself, and the fireball rapidly spinning around his head just flies off and does nothing. This is not always the case, i have some beautiful kills with it, many little guys, and even the big guys.

I’ve had it shoot right thru a pack of enemies and keep going, not hitting a thing xD

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im not glad that happened, but im glad im not the only one. new glitch though…I hit f and nothing happened at all, my hands were out as if holding a fireball. I couldn’t block, shoot, attack, or switch weapons so the horde I tried to ult on just walloped my tater. I love this game but hate the bugs, and toxic crowd who friendly fire kill you on purpose, just because you accidently shot them when they jumped in front of you, or ran up to the guy you were clearly shooting.

This is correct. Trueflight and the fireball function the same in that aspect. They have a set amount of damage they can deal before dissipating.

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I had issues with it many times.

Yes, I did hold down F-key, get the Chaos Warrior highlighted, and even have my crosshair pointed at his head. I releases the F-key, sees the fiery skull flies towards the Chaos Warrior’s face, and to have it veer to the left to hit a stupid Chaos trash, then crash onto the ground and fizzles off.

I do get great mileage off it for most of the time, but it is times like the one I’ve stated above that really gets me boiling.

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