'The Burning Head' is kind of broken

TBH is Pyromancer’s target-seeling ult.

It seems to always go after the nearest target, regardless of line of sight. I could be pointing at a Ratling a few meters ahead, with no other enemies in sight, and it will make an instant 180 degree flip and fly through my chest to hit a slave rat behind me. The red-outline lock on function still works, but that’s useless if a horde is in the way. Also, you can’t lock on to a target and then flip to the side and keep the lock for a moment to shoot around a corner like Kerillian can with Trueflight.

This makes it extremely unreliable, and takes away a lot of potential gameplay. Using it to pick off specials is basically impossible unless you use the red-outline lock, and by then someone else has already shot it. I find myself simply using it on cooldown for the 50 THP because I can’t get it to hit the things I want it to hit.

Should be an easy fix, just change it’s targeting behavior to match Trueflight Volley. Thanks.

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No this still works, but it has limits. Burning head seems to have a cap on how many bounces the projectile can do and it loses lock faster compared to trueflight when you look away from the target. So you can’t just “pinball” it into the target from any angle.

If you want to reliably hit something you should paint it first and then shoot the the burning head up into the air, it will arc downwards and hit the target in the head like a mortar shell. This is very consistent and the projectile appears to be smart enough to curve over obstacles instead of just flying directly at the target.

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