BatleWizzard Firewalk is better now


A few months ago I wrote that firewalk should be broader, wider and do more damage
that is exactly what they did in patch 2
samewith living bomb, temp health to other heroes, and no friendly fire

they do read feedback and apply it to the game
well done Fatshark :slight_smile:
thanks for reading

blazing trails!


That’s funny…because there’s a whole other thread that complains about how OP her ULT is…

I wonder if people would complain more or less if Ults were suddenly removed entirely…

It’s less about the ult in itself being OP, but a combo of talents that makes firewalk so powerful.

My main concern with firewalk is how it flings me where I don’t want, being unable to ult on certain terrain, or being unable to ult at my feet. I don’t mind that it’s no longer a blink, but do mind I can’t ult where I put my crosshair.


I’m told…

that “Dash” ults are currently bugged, hence why you cannot (atm) Ult to where you want to or why your Ult doesn’t work at all sometimes…

This has gotten me killed on so many occasions because my Ult didn’t fire off.

In it’s current state it isn’t reliable enough. Press F, no circle, no reaction, nothing.

I’ve died so many times trying to use it, especially trying to use it a second time within 10 seconds.

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I thought BW’s ult was a “jump”, which is why it is as unreliable as slayer’s, I haven’t had any trouble with a dash yet. That a thing?

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I have the same Ult problems with HM Dash not proccing when I spam F. It doesn’t occur 100% of the time, just randomly as far as I can tell. Naturally, it never procs when I need it the most.

I haven’t had Saltz or FK dash problems but randoms I played with complained mid game that their Ults didn’t fire and that’s why they died in our match.

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While we’re complaining, the targetting circle is hard to see or not visible at all when it’s covered up in corpses and bodies. So even if the jump ULT procs, sometimes I can’t tell because the circle is covered up. I never had an issue like that before pre WoM.

it really isn’t. It’s a life hazard, putting you and your teammates in danger every time you’re in somewhat of a tight spot. I’ll try to post a video of what I mean later.

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