Pyro's ult targeting seems badly done on purpose

I genuinely don’t understand how pyro’s ult targeting could end up being SO bad without the developers actively trying to make it bad. Here’s two things that the ult did today (and things like these happen every single time I play pyro):

  • I was targeting a blightstormer (marked in red already), but a single infantry enemy was near me. Because I know that the ult tends to switch the target in the last frame and go for something completely different, I had an idea: I could jump, which would give me a better visual of the blightstormer and move the crosshair away from the infantry enemy. Well, as soon as I jumped, the ult switched targets to that infantry enemy. For absolutely no reason. The blightstormer was on my crosshair 99% of the time. The infatry guy was in my crosshair 0% of the time. Yet the ult completely switched targets on its own and left the blightstormer alive, just because I jumped. Why??? I just don’t understand how this could happen without the devs purposefully coding the ult to switch targets randomly when you jump.

  • I was being cornered with a fire rat shooting at me and some horde enemies. I use my ult while looking at the fire rat, but I don’t have time to target it. The ult swiftly goes in that direction, killing every single horde enemy around the fire rat, including those behind it, but purpusefully avoids the special itself. Again, would it be so hard to make the ult prioritize specials over damn infantry enemies?

Also, fun fact: I was playing with a mod that increases the ult’s infantry damage by 50%. That’s a pretty massive increase right? Well, it still doesn’t have enough damage to kill a blightstormer in one bodyshot on cata. Let’s remember that we’re talking about an ult with a 60 second cooldown. And it needs more than 50% power to one shot a blightstormer on the body.

I just don’t understand Fatshark on this one. Pyro’s ult is the worse ult in the game by far. There’s no other ult that feels so frustrating to use, that you know will let you down 99% of the time, and that when it actually does something good and properly deletes a group of enemies, it feels like such an extraordinary occurrence. Do they just hate pyro so much?


Yeah, it’s really bad, especially on Cata. Why they haven’t fixed it is anyone’s guess.

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I recognize this, Pyro’s targeting is really odd, and I agree she’s in some what of bad shape, not many viable builds for her these days.

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I’m pretty sure it used to explode, maybe if it had that effect after hitting the last target it would be ok. Kind of like an exploding range crit, to kill a couple stormvermin slotted inside the one you hit. Should definitely have its cooldown reduced to 40s again, it’s not anywhere near as good as Firewalk but at least with a similar cooldown it could also be spammed without much thought. Which it should be since it will never be reliable even when you send it out with a target highlighted. In general though Pyro was just destroyed by nerfs and most background changes to the game (crits no longer staggering, the change to the crit system which heavily lowered the impact of extra crit chance, ranged no longer making temp HP, resourceful combatant having a cooldown) with literally nothing but Volan’s Doctrine added in the meantime.

I don’t recall it ever exploding and I started playing the game back when it came out.

Because Fatshark purposefully nerfed the behavior of both trueflight ults in WoM. Presumably it’s intended.

This is how they balanced Sienna. BW is awesome, pyro is underwhelming, UC is average, therefore Sienna is balanced.

Who lied to this man?


Someone who can’t dodge or block presumably.


If it travelled on a straight line and exploded on impact (staggering nearby enemies) it would be awesome and it would justify the 60 second cooldown and low damage

Waystalker’s ulty can generate 8 projectiles with bloodshot and loaded bow, with every single projectile being better than pyro’s projectile. I mean I get the fact that you can use the thp talent on ulty cast on pyro but why would I ever need thp when 8 projectiles can wreck havoc and actively delete any threat in front of me ? :thinking:

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Yea I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose considering that the lock on system can be tweaked to bias specials & elites over infantry units but here we are with Pyro’s mediocre ability.

Also here’s two screenshots showcasing the lock-on issue which are 1 frame apart in a 60 fps game.


Idk,thp for venting/survivability?There’s a few good reasons as to why thp ult is the top pick compared to crit chaining(Haha PRD.Why is this ult affected by this change again?) and the meme worthy overheat clear.

It was designed bad as part of a nerf, before WoM DLC pyro was OP and 1 ult would wipe an entire SV patrol.
Thus began the reign of the BW.

Burning Head has functioned practically the same since launch.
1 ult wouldn’t wipe entire patrols, the WOM change wasn’t an intended nerf; FS tweaked the lock on targeting so the projectile should stay on course rather than steering off mid flight.

The cooldown was increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds, ranged on hit cooldown was capped at 1 target, resourceful combatant & sharpshooter was nerfed/reworked.

Pretty much all cooldown nerfs


I was comparing the pyro ulty with the way stalker ulty not the 30 level talents amongst them.

Just going to chime in to support the thread. Her ult is horrible. Waystalker? Great. Bounty Hunter? Great. Not sure why they can’t make pyro’s ult awesome as well.

Pyromancer ult seems as a bad designed health potion… Like lv 25-30 choices due to the actual useless ulti she have;

Lv 25 choices;
A- poor dmg reduction for a very LOW amount of time
B- no slow for overcharge = all you need
C- move speed… For some seconds… Instead no slow + Buff on ? No thanks

Lv30 choices

A- drop to 0 the overcharge when we have all bonus dmg coming from overcharge ? No thanks…
B- chinesse health potion, well at least help to survive or keep the extra dmg on when we send our ult to some special or monster and the troll shoot turn to the infantry
C- head shot to recover our ulti? Sure!! But… good luck with the ramdom fly of your flame skull xD

I think this career is the n1 needing a rework and tweaks in a lot of things, as a mele dps is a monster forced to be played with the same perks always to exel and still soooooo far from another dps monsters with high utility and presence on team

pyro is good a long time(maybe 18 months?) ago, then fatshark kills the beam, the pyro and her ult. Then they give pyro a better visual efftct for her ult, but it actually kills pryo again.

She’s decent and even quite fun in CW with the crit builds possibilities, but her ult is so, SO unfuriating… It has a good knockback on monsters is the only thing I appreciate about it. No cleave, low damage, absolutely pîss drunk targeting - so bad the frustration sometimes loops around and it almost becomes funny. Seriously please fix.