Pyromancer's ult is terrible and needs to be changed

I honestly don’t get why pyro’s ult is so, so bad. Specially when we have waystalker’s ult to compare. On cataclysm, pyromancer’s ult:

  • Doesn’t one shot pague rats
  • Doesn’t one shot savages
  • Doesn’t one shot maulers
  • Doesn’t one shot gas rats or blightstormers
  • Has a longer animation than WS’s ult
  • Travels slower than WS’s ult
  • Takes forever to target
  • Sometimes completely ignores targeting
  • Sometimes will let you target enemies through walls even though, if you actually fire it, it won’t kill the enemy
  • Can only kill one stormvermin at a time

Waystalker has an ult that can reliably take out an entire pack of plague monks. Pyro needs a crit for that and even then it’s nowhere near as reliable. WS’s ult can be used under pressure to kill a buch of elites. Doing that with pyro will make you get hit because of the long animation and slow travel speed. In fact if, as pyro, you have a hook rat in your face during a horde, you better not use your ult to kill it, because it will probably go for a few slave rats on the horde instead of killing the packmaster that is literally in your face about to grab you and that you were looking at while using your ult. A 60 second cooldown for an ult that cannot one shot all specials, cannot save you from any situation, can’t reliably take out a pack of berserkers and doesn’t provide any control or mobility, is simply ridiculous. Specially on a class that is already struggling to compete with the other 2 options for that character.

Pyro’s ult needs a buff. It needs to be at least as good as Waystalker’s ult, even if that means increasing the cooldown. Fixing the targeting problems (which WS’s ult also has) would be a nice addition.


It can one shot savages, monks, globadiers and chaos specials without crits.
It can one shot maulers with enough power, likewise with Trueshot volley.

Burning Head does play silly sometimes and possibly slower.
Trueshot volley is better at clearing packs of stormvermin, can reach a shorter cooldown and has a little better trash clearing.

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According to the breakpoints calculator, you need 20% power vs skaven and 20% power vs berserkers, plus enhanced power and either On the Precipice or Ride the Fire Wind to one shot plague monks. That seems like quite the investment for an ult to be reliable. Plus, the properties on your weapons don’t apply to your ult unless you switch back to your weapon before the ult hits, which will be rare.

Yes, WS’s ult is objectively better in literally every regard.


Dunno what breakpoint calculator you’re looking at, are you going off body shot BPs?
Burning Head goes for headshots.

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Not always. Otherwise I wouldn’t be complaining about it not one shotting plague monks. The problem again is reliability. Waystalker can be sure that her ult will delete those plague monks that are giving her trouble. Pyro can’t.


It’s not a great ult. It’s got a 10 second shorter cooldown than Locked and Loaded but it’s going to be slower in a lot of cases, less realistic single target dps and a lot less safe (Locked and Loaded has some cc with the built in shotgun blast). Takes a milisecond extra to line up the red tag which is time BH doesn’t have to spend.

I don’t really get the Burning Head. What’s its purpose (from what I’ve seen and experienced, it’s a thp generator with Bonded Flame)? It seems like its implementation is super generic. Definitely doesn’t cleave as much as I expected. Only hitting one armoured elite without any cc already puts it lower than Trueflight and Locked and Loaded.


They could revert the cooldown back to 40 seconds.
Pretty sure it was nerfed to 60 seconds because of wiggle beam / cooldown on ranged hit.

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I have problems with this ult not killing the things I target with the red outline so I just use it for free health when I need it. I just thought I was using it wrong tho…

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Plague monks is an exception rather than a proof, unarmored(easily pierced) and easy to hit headshots, you´d struggle to find a much better target for the waystalker trueflight arrows other than assassins.

If we are talking elites or specials riding a horde both WS and pyro will have problems with what the heck their abilities are targeting…that said i do think pyro ult is worse since it throws all the proverbial eggs into one basket(shot).

No it´s not you, not entirely at least, both WS ult and pyro ult disengage their “lock on” extremely dang fast so if you try to flick shot it´ll try to switch targets, and if you aim straight then it´ll probably collide with another hitbox if other enemies are present.

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I’ve resigned to only using it as a thp generator. It’s sad but it’s really all you can expect from it. And it’s extra sad because Blazing Eco is super fun (with a WHC with the Unending Hunt on the team it’s ridiculous) but with the current state of the ult the thp is so much better.


Blazing Echo is more reliable since the psuedo crit change.
I use it in melee hybrid builds or alongside bolt staff.

Let’s also not forget that Sienna’s Burning Head is pathetically small compared to its actual size in the tabletop.
And it’s even bigger in Total War.

If you ask me, there should be a talent that alters it to a bigger, deadlier version that is slower and only goes forward.


The biggest complaint I have is that you can’t seem to aim it and it doesn’t seem to be guided…

I gave up playing pyro altogether because of the inconsistent ult targeting. If you can’t rely on it in a clutch, what’s the point of bothering with the class? (Rhetorical)


It used to be amazing so they nurfed it to death now its inconsistent. It can still do hat its supposed to, but as above it just doesn’t do it consistently. However it used to be able clear everything on screen and from memory you could make it pop within 5 seconds. So over reaction and since Pyro is still a solid class elseewise its not gotton a re tune.