I’m not sure if this has been posted before, atlesat i couldnt find it … so here it goes

since the last update (engie update) i noticed that everytime i want to talk ingame my games just lags for like half a second or so … which isn’t realy gamebreaking … but after a while becomes quite anoying. It happens in the keep, on missions that i host and when i join any other players.
The more interesting part is that, when i am in a voice channel in discord, muted or otherwise, the game doesnt lag.
Reinstalling the game didnt fix it, verifying cache didnt fix it.

To reproduce it, atleast for me, is to just start up the game and press the assigned push-to-talk button.

Drivers are all up to date (gpu drivers, mainboard and soundcard drivers)

When i googled it i found a small reddit thread where like 2 or 3 people signaled a similar problem


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