Psykers were hit by a massive nerf in 1.0.22. Fatshark please Unfix Kinetic Deflection fix!

If your experience is they’re bad, and other people are telling you they’re not, maybe you should be more open-minded to the possible fact that you’re playing them wrong.

What percent of fights happen through fences? Well that’s the point you made immediately following your vague suggestion that “psykers are good” isn’t reasonable! So it should be a huge red flag to you that your follow-up didn’t provide really meaningful ways Psykers are actually NOT good.

In fact it should be an even bigger red flag that even your example is terrible because Psykers like everyone else could shoot through fences even before the change! (Just not with BB. But it turns out BB isn’t their only attack.)

Bro go read the bajillion posts laying out why.

I have probably 300 hours in with psyker, and 600hours + played. I run into other players. They talk.

Most if not all the psykers ive run into have agreed with the myriad problems laid out here in varying degrees. And other players with tangential xp with psyker notice issues but with less acuity.

Argue to what degree if it makes you feel better.


Psyker is just so underwhelming all of these bug fixes feel like nerfs. Especially when the base annoying Psyker gameplay is left in tact.

But tanking a DH with a duelling sword (which has 1 stamina) and KD was pretty dumb, you never went over 75% peril and actually took a stamina hit. You didn’t even need to dodge.

The problem is, instead of fixing the outlying use cases where Kinetic Deflector probably operated as it shouldn’t, they nerfed the feat in such a way where it is now detrimental to add to any build that doesn’t use a force sword for its melee weapon.

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Even more buffs: purge staff feels better due to reliable weapon switches. brainburst is muuuuch better to aim now. the dreaded dreg gunners now feel easier to handle now due to better suppression tuning.
Ye, kinetic deflection got nerfed but is still very strong. the deflection blessing was nerfed to not be able to pick up anyone under hillarious gunfire.
But overall, the game feels much easier as a psyker now.

What I’m sad about is my Mk7 headhunter Roulette auto-gun build with 60%+ crit chance on a force sword with Blazing Spirit got un-made in this patch. I knew that it would (we can’t have anything fun). 60%+ crit chance with Slaughterer and 2-4 soulblaze stacks was fun while it lasted :slight_smile:

Unfortunately given the state of the game and Fatsharks “focus”, I think its going to be a long time before psykers get any kind of love. I hate to say it but I guess there’s just more important things to work on. Sad because i really just don’t want to play my psyker anymore.

I think crit is capped at 50%… at least on the zealot it was.

Psyker is in some big need of help in the survivability department in general.
idk why the class has to be so squishy, they gotta get some serious buffs going for his toughness regeneration for starters.


Did you notice how your post didn’t focus on any actual point?

  • No mention of what percent of fights happen behind fences
  • No argument for why Kinetic Deflection was the lynchpin of The Entire Psyker Strategy.

That’s usually a good sign your 300 hours haven’t netted you much actual experience. I mean there’s no shortage of whiny Psykers around, so we do agree players complain about things. It’s just that when you take everything together (including the pros/cons of other classes), Psykers don’t come out as bad as players say.

i just went back to Psyker a few days ago, havent played him for weeks, but like him very much.
I’m with @Ghutts here and some others and use the Defelctor like he described.
Never tanked a DH - wasn’t neccessary until - this way or had maxed stamina with curious.
My curios are still not optimized or on transcendent tier.
I tried various staffs, also Trauma, but before the latest patch.
I stick to Voidstrike, because its my favorite playstyle.
Looking for reblessing and combine Transfer Peril with Warp Flurry or Sustained Fire, actually i have Transfer Peril and Warp Nexus on Staff with 348 BR and done Damnation with it.

After the patch i wasnt able to tank gunners the way i was used to long enough to get cover.
Maybe a small adjustment/ re-buff needed to make it at least work for this case on Damnation.
If you are on zero peril it may works, but i try to stay at high >50 peril for more damage and i dont want to tank gunner fire for 10 seconds, but maybe 5s to find cover.

Could be a skill issue, like i said played Psyker to 30 and some more, then switched to other classes and only back for 2 days, so i need to learn him play better for sure.

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