Psykers were hit by a massive nerf in 1.0.22. Fatshark please Unfix Kinetic Deflection fix!


  • Fixed issue where ‘Kinetic Deflection’ did not pause passive quelling, resulting in being able to tank some enemies indefinitely.
    This Fix destroyed the only thing that greatly helped with a class survivability. For developers perspective it was not working as intended and required a fix, from a psyker players perspective it was working just fine and provided at least some means not be a “dried rice paper”, not even a “glass”
    Can you please roll that back? It was a case when a bug became a great class feature.

P.S. Psyker gets nerfs ™ stand true… sadly :frowning:


I’d rather get some meaningful buffs rather than relying on single rng weapon perk to be functional. But thats just me.


Not weapon perk, but feat. Psyker had only few feats that actually do anything useful. Now there is one less good feat.


And half of the psykers were running it with force swords deflection perk and other half basically used it to solo demonhosts.
As fun and powerful it was i would still rather get something more substantial to psykers playstyle than being pseudo tank.


Cope, they fixed a bug, if you needed said bug to play the game, maybe try an easier mission

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That is a kindergarden level of trolling. Try better.

It’s almost like shock the devs have never played the game above malice, and know nothing about balance. Psyker is in dire need of serious buffing and rework.


I love the feat that applies 2 stacks of Soulfire that is not even enough to kill a basic poxwalker on Sedition. Purpose of that feat eludes reason.


A bug is a bug and being able to tank all day long due to such bugs is way too broken.

Also Psyker can be played in different ways. There are like 2 feats needing some tweaks and thats it. Overall this class is very balanced and viable across any difficulties with different builds.

2? There are like 3-4 talents in the entire tree that are even worth some sort of consideration. Its easily the worst talent tree in the game in terms of just raw power / gameplay alteration.


To be fair, acting like Psykers significantly relied on this feat (or FS Deflection) is a sort of kindergarden level of whining.

Psykers were and are still viable. There are plenty of individual feats that could use some love (I do agree their feats don’t offer as much playstyle variety as they might), but it’s silly to pretend that Psykers are in a horrible spot right now.

Here we go again with the psyker is good posts.

“Ignore your lying eyes, and any experience you have with the class, and agree with me.”

Up until 5 minutes ago BB, an attack that travels through another dimension and reappears over the target couldnt pass through fence posts. And yet STILL people said " nothing to see here "

This isnt about deflector its about the whole enchilada. Theres room for nuance as to just how much worse psyker is. But the point remains that it IS.


It’s is in worst spot still.
I just start with a task of acquisition of Psyker weapons in the store (and then getting at least some with good stats) , and add that feats so far synergizes only with Purgatus staff in good degree, and that Nerfed feat “Kinetic deflection” had a good synergy with Force Sword and allowed to pull some cool tricks, and passive tanking of Demonhost with non-force weapons was a coolest of them all.
But yeah now we can BB through railings, and Trauma staff is no longer butt of the jokes… we got at least something.

Tbf looking at all 4 classes Psyker offers actually the most variety followed by Ogryn. Both interact more with the class itself and either buff their skills or come with support abilities, meanwhile Zealot and Vet sit mostly on nothing but multipliers.
I mean just compare the last feats of Vet and Psyker for example. Vet highlights different enemies and i´m sure you´ll just pick a weapon fitting one of the perks, or you pick the perk based on your weapon. But even without the perk, it´s the weapon making the gameplay-difference.
Meanwhile Psyker gets either a lot of cc on top, is able to melt hordes or to take out packs of elites way faster while their cc´d. This offers already more variety, meanwhile you´re free to pick any weapon on top of it.

But overall i get your point. More variety would be welcome. Atleast it´s actually more than the most classes offer in Vermintide. I really hope they´ll make more unique classes with unique features in the future than relying on the good old “stack X damage”, “get 10% AS” or just flat cdr…
Maybe even some new types of interaction with each other like the bleeding across Vet / Zealot / Ogryn.

I never noticed Deflector being passively active and allowing me to tank anything. I use Deflector for two things.

  1. I get shot at and use it to get to cover.
  2. I use it to get in melee range then chop off some heads.
    But just because I didn’t notice it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. I simply didn’t notice it. Doesn’t feel like that much of a difference to me.

The fact that when I get caught off guard by one or two gunners or walkers, and it takes two attacks to fully drain my toughness and start chipping away at my health, that bothers me. My curios are set up so that I have 150 Toughness, and it still only takes those two attacks to wipe out my shield. It’s difficult to stay viable on Heresy and Damnation when one attack puts me into a really bad spot. However it may be that I suck at the game and should play something else.

I wouldn’t call this a “massive nerf” though. It sounds like some of the Psyker players were benefitting from an exploit and now they’re angry that they suck like me. lol


You have not seen how much fire it can tank with maxed out stamina (even with still not working +3 curios) and 65% block efficiency- like 2 Reappers and 2 gunners + 10 shooters firing at you and you peril stabilizes on ~42% and don’t go up. And wile you are drawing fire even lamest revolver vet can kill all those shooters and elites. And clutches that were possible with old Kinetic Deflector are no longer possible. We just lost a few really cool tricks.


In first read i also think that was the nerf.


We have HUGE buff to trauma staff and today i finally beat hi intencity t5 without feeling of being carryied.

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Ghutts is corrext on points 1 and 2. This being the most effective way to utilize deflector.

I RARELY if ever used it to indefinitely tank bosses and mobs.

Where it was handy is in blocking range while REZZING the bros. I do believe a CM has acknowledge this was not intended as part of the “fix”.

That being said if deflector was a crutch the RIP to those who abused it. What we are waiting for is meaningful feat tree synergy.


Ok I definitely did miss that completely.
Hmmm…I’ve changed my mind. Take it back FatShark, PLEASE!!! lol

Point is to fight Fatshark on anything good they take away from the class, via outright nerfs of “fixes”.

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