Psyker Penances not completing on higher difficulties: Pick n' Mix & Going Out With a Bang

Issue Description:
Pick n’ Mix - Damnation
Killed 5 Gunners / Scab Shotgunners back to back in roughly 10 seconds.
I managed to do this 3 times on damnation. No penance completion all 3 times.

Going out with a Bang - Heresy
Blew 3 Ragers up on heresy - no completion. A user on reddit experienced a similar issue:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play a difficulty above the required one
  2. Achieve penance objective in required time/parameters
  3. Nothing happens


Reproduction Rate:
3 times for Pick n’ Mix
twice for Going out with a bang

Addition, it happened again, could it be and issue with the timer? This time I killed a bulwark, took probably 6-7 seconds to kill a gunner and then proceeded to kill 4 gunners back to back after the first one. The latter 5 were killed in a span of 9-10 seconds as they were very close together.

Could it be that the 12 second counter that was started by the bulwark was still running? It feels like it doesn’t cound backwards from the most recent elite kill but instead triggers a 12 sec time window that has to run out before being able to trigger it again.

Going Out With a Bang completed without issues on Malice.

i tried killing 5 elites with brainburst 3x today…still not working…did it in 10-12sec
i’m so annoyed by this…it’s my last penance then i would’ve completed all of the characters