Penances: Pick & Mix, Out With A Bang

These require team cooperation, something most people don’t allow for. Either I get 4 kills for PnM and there are no more elites, or some veteran with their OP lasguns snipe the next few elites screwing me out of the penance. Then there is OWAB that’s literally counter productive in all aspects of playing a Psyker. Get close enough(melee) to at least 3 elites, get them to low hp, then blow yourself up? How is that fun for a ranged squishy character? How does that help the team? These two are literally troll penances that are more about luck than skill or making an effort to do something cool. I can kill 30 elites, but the time requirement is stupid. I’d rather kill 1 of each elite on a map with BB than the current way it is meant to be achieved now for PnM.


Definitely agreed on Out With a Bang. The Peril explosion doesn’t have particularly high damage, or range, and you’re vulnerable while waiting to explode so you can just be downed before it triggers, plus I almost never see 3 elites in the same clump of enemies. Sometimes two pairs of ragers will spawn on malice, but each pair usually go after separate teammates. Seems like a tremendous amount of luck just to for what seems like a silly “you have failed successfully” achievement.


Agreed. I think Out With a Bang would be tolerable if it were simply one elite. Three? In the same perils explosion? The perils explosion that takes a solid 5 seconds to build up, and only does 600 damage? Absolute madness.

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Pick N Mix is utterly brutal, and I dread working on it. It honestly needs a change, I can get 4 easy, but even with a team helping me, so much goes wrong that getting the 5th seems nearly impossible.

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The issue is that it requires so much coordination to even pull off. If you are an average person who doesn’t have an entire stack of people to work with it’s just luck. Whether it is luck of the RNG spawn or luck of the RNG group you’re with. It feels like a troll and after trying over and over I just gave up. How rewarding is that? To feel so left up to RNG that you just give up. It’s not rewarding. My biggest problem with almost every single penance that is class specific is that it has a cosmetic behind it and it doesn’t show a “flex of skill.” It’s tedious, it’s frustrating, it’s unrewarding to try to do, it feels terrible forcing others to accommodate you , and the end is just a sigh of relief that you’re finally done with the nonsense and can finally get back to playing the game.

It is more up to luck and ability to make use of the opportunity when you see one. Without actually stressing out by trying too hard to aim for it.
I got Out With A Bang when I turned a corner to find team ogryn facing off a bunch of shotgunners in a small room. So I just charged in while overheating and blew them up from behing.