Pick n’ Mix penance for the Psyker is effectively impossible

Recently I’ve been trying to do the pick n mix penance on my psyker. I’ve been using the talent which allows for faster brain burst with less charge on ult, and have felt a few times like the achievement should have popped (I only have 4/5 in my penances).

After going to the meat grinder and setting up a stopwatch that I started after an initial brain burst kill, I ulted and killed 4 more specials.
Stopped the watch.
9 seconds.
It takes 9 seconds to brainburst 5 specials with their placement being directly visible and with each brain burst instakilling, with the speed from ult.
This achievement seems borderline impossible with only one second as a margin of error.

I feel like it’s a case of penances being designed for pre nerf psyker, whose brain bursts came out faster by default, and which would have benefitted more from the 25% charge speed increase from the ult.


Yes, it is also almost impossible to find 3 different elites on the map at the same place. I think it is even less than one second. Chance to do it is almost nonexistent with normal enemies.


remember, at the required difficulty, the brain burst does not one shot elites ::::DDDDD


It one shots gunners, shotgunners, and trappers, every other special takes 2+ to kill.
It would be technically possible if you get 5 shotgunner/gunner spawns in front of you and took them out, but it’s still not realistic, and as you said it’s made harder because most specials can’t be one shot on heresy


5 diffrent enemies…

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It’s possible, got it yesterday.

I’d also like to point out the timer starts at the moment you kill an enemy. So the fastest way to do this is to kill one enemy without ulting, and then ult instantly when first BB hits. Then you just need a bit of luck to have those 4 remaining enemies in line of sight to get the achievement.

BB does not one shot kill every elite, yes, but again with enough tries you will eventually get lucky to get those one-shottable elites or your teammates help you enough with the damage department on the mobs that don’t die to a single BB.

I think this is a penance you get easiest when you don’t necessarily go for it, but just try to prio elites at all times as best you can. Before I got the achievement I got unlucky many times, by teammates killing the 5th target or getting hit in the side, etc. Perseverance, sibling.


like I said in my post, I timed from the kill on the first enemy. You still have 1 second to waste and that’s it, so there’s really not much time. I’ve gone for this achievement everytime I’ve played heresy, and again its a luck thing, it’s also built around a psyker that doesn’t exist anymore

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How is it borderline impossible when I have got the achievement?

besides there “essentially” is more time than 1 second, because you can aim wherever you want during the BB.

Penances are challenges, which in this game apparently are pretty hard! Nowhere near impossible though. Game has been out for less than 2 WEEKS and people have got the achievement, not impossible then right?

You have 10 seconds to kill 5 enemies. It takes 9 seconds to kill 5 enemies, you have ONE second as a margin of error. Please please please read the words I am typing. Your comment on aiming wherever you want is irrelevant.

This mentality of “I got it so its easy” is so ignorant of what is actually being written in the post. I am saying that 1 second as a margin of error is too small. 1 second in a perfect scenario where you aren’t accidentally targeting the enemies in front of the elites.

It’s great you got the penance done. Congratulations, I’m happy for you, but please stop defending it just because you found it easy.


Definitely is realistic. Common though? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Who said these penances are meant to be easy? What is the point of “achieving” when the goal is too easy? Devs clearly went with the approach where they want their players to have a real learning curve before they can start tackling these penances. In gaming terms, “git gud” before these are doable.

Me getting the achievement only proves that it is doable, and I’m definitely not among the top players in VT2.

And that’s why I’m asking why is it too small in your opinion? Since it can be done, and has been done by other players as well.

Also, when did I say it I got it easy? I understand why u got that impression, maybe I’m a tad bit frustrated that people come to these forums saying something is broken when it clearly is not! Penance works, the timer is not too hard. It can be done. The devs decide the margin of error, It is already not impossible, git gud.

But you are contradicting yourself.

“I think this is a penance you get easiest when you don’t necessarily go for it”

The best way is not trying to do it?

So we should wait for RNG instead of trying to do it?

It is not hard, you just have to be lucky or grind maps until you go lucky. I like hard challenges, finished Cata FoW multiple times, even doing weaves. What I dont like is pointless grind.


You should have a margin of 4s.

There are very specific specials that only take 1 shot on Heresy and you need your team to gather them all up.

Without the Ult you have a 2s margin of error
With the ult you have a 4s margin of error.

I’m not saying it is a good penance, in fact I only think I’ve seen a few penances that actively encourage team play (the pouncing hound as an example), the rest is just plain stupid and/or down right griefing your entire team.
There is nothing difficult about them, provided you feel like being an idiot to 3 other people. It is not difficult to kill a monstrocity on your own… with brain burst it is just extremely tedious.
There’s nothing difficult about knocking 20 mobs off a ledge to their death, it is just tedious and completely griefing when Psykers in Heresy+ refuse to play because they just want the achievement.
There is nothing difficult about keeping warp charges at max, it is just griefing your entire team that you have to baby sit a buff effectively preventing you from doing… anything else.

Which is extremely ironic in a game where the focus, apparently, is teamplay…

That seriously needs fixing.


I understand what you mean I can explain a bit. This is of course just my experience, and the way I felt approaching this penance.

If I am constantly thinking about doing this, it’s super frustrating cause there are not too many places where the opportunity just sits there in front of you. Instead, you should try to improve your skills in killing elites, specials, everything dangerous to the group with BB. Then by chance you notice mid gameplay that you’re getting the penance. This way (again, for me) it becomes way easier cause you are already accustomed to being fast with BB.

Play the game normally and wait until you get 5 gunners/shotgunners together, pop the ult and kill them. That’s how I did it. Just don’t focus on it too much.

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Unfortunately every time that has happened for me I have had 2-3sharpshooters on my team that mowed them all down in 2-3 seconds

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Obviously what’s going to happen in 99.9% cases, but as long as you’ll find simpletons to defend that design Fatshark’s not gonna budge


I personally feel like it’s not about some fanboys hellbent on defending anything FS does, it’s about them not giving a rat’s about the situation as it seems rn.

Ok thats it. I try to do this about a week. There is a problem…veterans and zealots kills elites and specialists way to fast. I have 4/5 of progression and nothing more. I think we need to ask fatshark to rework this penance.

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4/5 is where i am stuck

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