Psyker Penance Pick n' Mix not Progressing


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Issue Description:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Kill two or more elites or specials in a row in Heresey as Psyker with Brain Burst
  2. Have no progress in Penance


Player ID:
[Steam Profile URL]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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console-2022-12-02-12.44.57-13be7194-98a7-47e4-aa69-425a1237f58c.log (667.7 KB)

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darktide_launcher.log (596.0 KB)

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Same issue here…

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I’m having the exact same issue, i brain bursted 5 enemies under 12 seconds last night with a timer and I didn’t receive the penance. The penance should be re-written to brain burst 4 elites within 12 seconds on heresy difficulty. My game didn’t register that I completed the penance :frowning:

Same issue here. I’m almost certain i’ve gotten this one done on multiple occasions with 5 different types of elites and certainly gotten it done if it just means 5 elites. Either way no completion and no progress on the bar.

Same experience exactly. Progress doesn’t track and completion doesn’t register. Tried in both Heresy and Damnation difficulties.

Same problem here. No progress is visible and i’ve killed a few times 5 Elite/Specials with no completion. Never run a Timer but i think at least one time i should done it in time.

The same problem, for today 2 times performed and did not count? no comments from the developers?

Is this still an on-going issue?

it’s still an issue :frowning_face:

Still an issue.

i tried it 3x today still not working -_-

really i didnt try actively, but was just wanting to do exactly that :smiley:
i’m at 4/5, sad if its bugged, but i will ry it anaway.