Psyker Pick n' Mix penance is not possible

I was looking at the penances and what they reward and one thing caught my eye:

Pick n’ Mix

While on Heresy Threat or higher, use Brain Burst to kill 5 different Elite or Specialist enemies within 10 seconds.

Now clearly this is F’d up.

At Heresy or above, Brain Burst can’t one shot (at least majority) elites and specials. Is there even 5 different that can be one shot???

The brain burst cast time is 3 seconds so obviously you need to have the faster cast talent on class ability and we can assume the time starts from the first kill (as otherwise this is literally impossible).

The talent states “brain burst charges 25% faster” so one should assume that’s 25% increase in casting speed => 3s / 1.25 = 2.4s per cast. It takes 9.6s to cast the rest 4 casts after your initial cast + you need to ult there somewhere which gives you a 10 second buff.

There is not a lot of wiggle room here, you only have 0.4s IN TOTAL between the targets that you have to start another cast, and definitely you can’t afford anything to not die in a single burst.

Assuming the talent wording is just a bit off and instead of increasing casting speed by 25% the talent would reduce the cast time by 25%. That would be 3s * 0.75 = 2.25s per cast and 9s for 4 casts. 1 second is better but sill not a lot of wiggle room there to change to a new target and definitely not any room for extra casts so everything has to be one shot kill.


I really don’t think the penances will stay as they are

Most of them (the cosmetics ones that is) are all kinds of stupid, when they don’t just outright fail to register
Like, i just managed to collect a full horde of poxwalkers near a ledge to push them off, nothing
Checked the penance after the game, still stuck at 7/20 which was the value i had before

And even if they’re not broken or terribly designed, i refuse to force my teammates to spend their playtime cattering to my demands
And i’m saying force because once you asked in chat, you immediately make the person who says no look like an a-hole

It’d be nice to have some form of acknowledgement from Fatshark so that we all stop being cranky about it

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I’m genuinely surprised that they haven’t acknowledged it yet. I mean these things can’t be that hard to change, right? It’s not like adding more guns or reworking a class ability, presumably they just have to go change a few lines of text somewhere in the code. It’s been almost a week, and it’s pretty clear that a lot of people are unhappy about them, so why the radio silence?

I also think these achivements are designed to be impossible deliberately for the time being, so people cannot abuse beta bugs to get them, should they decide to not whipe progress when the game goes live.

I don’t believe it’s that easy, you never know with code, and they’re probably prioritizing some other stuff at the moment

But yea just a simple “we will look into it” would just appease most of us

The thing about the challenges being impossible is that “abusing beta bugs” is literally one of the only ways to get them.

A prime example being the Veteran’s “take no melee damage” penance that you can complete by D/C’ing near the end of the mission and then just hopping in the escape vehicle after you reconnect.