PS4: No Cog Hammer and Masterwork Pistol in reward chests

Hi all!

There is no loot for Cog Hammer and Masterwork Pistol in the reward chests. I opened about 50 chests of different qualities and still no engineer’s weapons. Hope you can fix it.


This your first DLC bro? This is how all DLC weapons have always worked. You unlock the base version from Okri’s then craft/upgrade to a level you want. It’s most definitely intentional and not a bug.


No, I have all DLCs and I crafted the new engineer’s weapons directly to red ones. But there is absolutely no loot for those inside the chests.

? You can’t get dlc content/weapons in chest. You have to craft them.


That’s what I’m saying. You’ve never been able to get DLC weapons in chests. That’s not a bug.


Thanks mates. I never noticed that. And I crafted a lot of DLC items before. :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the bug report.


It’s not something that’s ever been explained in game so it’s not your fault. No worries!

There’s still a lot of stuff in this game that makes me scratch my head. We’ve all been there.


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