PS4 Helmgart Legend Changed Special Spawn Rates

PS4 Helmgart Adventure Maps
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Legend difficulty
A few months ago I recall specials being capped to 2 of the same kind for legend.
Legend now has the chance for 3, possibly 4 but unconfirmed.
I have seen 3 hookrats, 3 blightstormers, 3 life leeches, 3 assassins. I think I have seen 3 gunners.
It is possible for all 3 specials to be active at the same time. Such as 3 leeches performing a simultaneous teleport onto the party.

Killing a special right as it spawns, but before the rest of the specials for that phase have spawned, seems to remove it from the “cap” for the phase.
Example: kill as assassin immediately on spawn because it spawned in view of the party. 3 more assassins and 1 hookrat spawn that special phase.
That 4 in one phase is unconfirmed, but 1 assassin launched itself off the cliff of Righteous Stand just before the final area and players killed 3 others on the kill feed. Who knows, maybe it didn’t splat itself on out of bounds and just poofed to safety.

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