So many specials

I’m playing Champion only so I’m referring to this difficulty.
Since patch 1.2.1 beta it seems to me the number of specials (and hordes btw) is increased.
Before you met 4 specials at time. Now it seems you are getting more than this number and more frequently.

Played FG and we couldn’t make some steps without 4 specials appearing.
Just ended a CoD mission and in the last part, at the 3rd tome’s, at least 5 specials appeared back2back.

Noticed this on Legend as well XD Doing a normal run, no twitch, just a more hordes deed with no respawn. We had 2 backstabbers, ratling gun, leech and stormer, and a hook rat all ambush us within 5-10 seconds of each other. Also, the Stormer instantly casted the storm, no charge up.

We just finished getting slaughtered on Into the nest.
First a chaos spawn, then a hoard, then 4 flame rats within seconds of each other (Seriously), a packrat, then a ratling gun, by then I was the last one alive as shade. AS MY INVIS ENDS I turn the corner into a patrol that no one heard.
Fatsharks definition of difficult, spam the same specials over and over and have hoards be an added difficulty to bosses and special swarms rather then be their own event.

Ao jogar na lenda eu também passei por isso , mais ao jogar repetidamente percebi que o _AI_tem seus momentos na lenda que parece recruta😂


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