Ps4 and ps5 questions

Hi, I have a few questions about game on these consoles.

I wonder if the controls are so good that you can do all the content solo with just bots on each difficulty level.

Additionally. I would like to ask you guys, when switching the console to rest mode does the game pause?

And finally - last question - is offline progress saved on sony servers when I own ps plus?

Now seriously last question - do cosmetic rewards repeat for events? Can they still be earned somehow?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Skill is the primary factor but it is possible. Running an alternate layout for bumper jumper is personally recommended.

In Game there is no Pause. In the Keep (a menu you can physically walk around to use) I think still has an idle kick. Signing in doesn’t take too long.

I don’t know that it’s saved to Sony’s servers. But it is saved to Fatshark’s servers.

Unlikely that any cosmetic rewards repeat. No way to earn them consequently.

Why not join the Fatshark Discord