Hard drive replace and concerns about data

Hello, I had to replace my PS4 hard drive. It will be arriving in the mail tomorrow. Will all my progress be lost? I have spent countless months and hours on this game. For example, I have a number of Legend difficulty achievements finished and many, many skins. Will all my skins, progress, and ranking/status/everything be gone? :C please help. I’m super anxious.

Hi @ratspanker,

Do you play in Online mode or Offline mode?

If you play Online only, then your account progress is stored our end, so you won’t lose anything.

If you play Offline only, then your account progress is stored locally on your PS4 hard drive, and would need to be transferred if possible, or unfortunatlely this would be lost.

I strictly play ONLINE mode. I hope everything will be okay. I spent the pandemic playing this game and it got me through a lot. Help Fat-Shark Kenobi, you’re my only hope! I did have another skin problem/question that’s separate than this. May I address it with you or create a new thread? (provided it’s not already answered)

Super! Not to worry then, as your Online progress is stored with us :slight_smile:

Of course, what’s the issue?

I have the disk copy of V1 (vermintide 1) and I have yet to receive my skins from that game. Is this a glitch? I’ve tried researching it and never came up with a solid answer, I even sent an email last year when I first bought it. Never heard back but, If I could get some closure on how to attain those, that’d be like a crushed warpstone margarita for me lol. Any idea how I can get my skins? I’ve seen some new players with it after the sale recently on PS4 but do I have to like rebuy a digital copy?? Can you guys like update my stuff to reflect it?? Sorry if I sound silly and asked too much off the bat, lol I’m just excited to finally talk to fat Shark folks!

@ratspanker I can sort that for you :slight_smile: what’s your PSN id?

My ID is DarkStar_Beatrix
I’ve yet to still get my hard drive, it should be coming today or tomorrow (wrong one was delivered yesterday). Are you able to update my account/content to add the missing V1 skins to my V2 account?! That’d be metal as hecc!

@ratspanker I’ve added the Champion of Ubersreik V1 skins for you. You’ll see them in your inventory the next time you restart the game :slight_smile:

I would like to thank you so much but, not exactly just yet wholly, I’m holding my breath. I would like to see with my own eyes that I have them, of course. However, a deserved and well-earned preliminary thanks is most certainly in order! I’m sure whatever you did will succeed but I’ll update this thread once I can confirm. Should be within 48 hours max, I hope.

Thank you so much. I really hope my data is okay and I can’t wait to play again. I think that will put my problem on hold for now until I get the hard drive. Once I have the hard drive and can install/get back on track, I’ll update this thread in hopes it helps others for the future, as well.

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Okay so UPDATE:
I got my new hard drive, in process of redownloading my digital copy of V2 and all content. Approax 20 mins to go. Will update again soon. I don’t see the Champions of Ubersreik content in my purchased but, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to, as you said you fixed it on your end. Just FYI for sciences and record-keepings sake.

EDIT: it says 29 hours left to Download, what the eff lmao. Hopefully not. Again, will keep you posted. Thanks! I hope all my stuff and Champions of Ubersreik stuff will be there. Can’t play online yet.

UPDATE: The download only took two hours, not three billion, lmao. All of my stuff seems here at first glance. Also, I seem to have my Champions of Ubersreik skins now (finally!). I can’t thank you enough fully for your help and support.

There was one final matter I wanted to speak on in concern of but I can’t remember at the moment. I’ve perused the forum to try and find a relevant answer for it before but, when I remember I’ll ask. Thanks again, so much for helping me add the skins and answer my questions. I’m so glad the you guys kept the data and keep data on your end.

Time to get back to spankin some bad ratties and slappin some swamp-bubble huffers.

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@ratspanker No problem!

Of course, give us a shout if you need help with anything else :slight_smile:

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