Prologue difficulty

Is there any way to change difficulty of prologue on modded? It seems to be fixed at recruit difficulty.
I’ve seen people saying “prologue uses last completed map’s difficulty”, but this is not the case, at least not anymore.

I don’t think there is. But if this is a request for the devs, I’ll ask for a way to have the characters wear the VT1 skins - since they are already in the game - I think it’d be cool, since the characters wore those in waylaid.
That way playing through both campaigns would be even cooler :wink:

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IIRC all you need to do is to buy the first game and you can use their original skins. Never tested this though. Heard from people I’ve played with who had those skins.

Yeah I do and I have them, but it’s not possible to have them in the tutorial (which, due to the lack of customization is the only time i’d really want those). I tried equipping them to every character and play through the tutorial, but it uses the default.

Ah, I’ve misunderstood you, my bad.

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