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Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone happen to have a list or something with head pieces that alter your characters voices.

I bought this one earlier today for my Zealot and one a few days ago for my Ogryn but his voice is the same and there is no item description on either saying anything changes?


I agree, there really should be a little voice preview button, its not clear at all if it will or wont change your voice, if anything, full masks Should change your voice by default, and then there should be a toggle button in the cosmetic tab in your inventory next to the helmet to turn it off if you want


Currently ‘Praesimiagoria Mk Ic Rebreather’, ‘XXXXL Chem-Safe Rebreather’ and ‘Ecclesiarchy-Approved Diadem (Holy Word Pattern)’ have this effect, tmk.

So everyone but Veteran can get one. Where is his? My Loose Cannon demands.


Fatshark hate veteran for some reason


they only hate veteran cuases they were the most popular class that why they did the least for them at the start,

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