Rebreather sound effect list?

The other day I heard a guy with a voice changer on his rebreather and it was super cool.
Even though I’ve 600 hours I’ve never heard that before, was wondering if I’m bugged or if it’s only a new item that has it. If not, can anyone list all the rebreathers that have voice changing effects (NOT muffle, who cares about muffle). Thanks

Was is the Ecclesiarchy Approved Diadem on the Zealot, I wonder? For visual reference, it’s a spiked iron halo with something that looks like a vent cover on your face

EDIT: Link for visual reference Ecclesiarchy-approved diadem helmet for zealot rebreather effect but

That’s the only one I know of, but it stands out quite a bit - adds a deeper, kind of robotic sound. Honestly sounds amazing IMO on male Judge Zealot.

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It absolutely does sound amazing! I had a suspicion it was that helmet alone.
Thanks for the clarification!

Hope to see more of this in the future, I want one for Psyker and Vet personally.


“Funny” part of this item, it clips with gorget on the chest item that it goes with. FS couldn’t be bothered to spin their model and prob spent all the dev time on making the voice lines sound cool.

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