Helmet Voice Modulation

I noticed randomly that someone had the Ecclesiarchy… Lots of strange words The Halo looking helmet for the Zealot and it had an AMAZING voice modulation sound effect. I’m assuming there will be other helmets added with a similar effect as well if there aren’t others already. I was wondering if there was a possibility of adding a small symbol in the helmet description, or maybe a written addition stating that a helmet will have either a “Muffled” or “Modulated” voice when worn. For me personally, I’m prolly gonna try and buy the modulated helmets, but I don’t know which ones have the effect without wasting aquilas buying random helmets and/or hoping someone on reddit finds one and posts about it before it’s cycled through the store. It’s a little thing, but it’d be much appreciated.


in addition to the diadem you noted, the XXXXL Chemsafe Rebreather (ogryn) and the Praesimigoria Mk Ic Rebreather (psyker). Nothing for Veteran yet, this week could have been something but its just clown hats. The rest of the rebreathers either have the muffled voice filter or they forgot to put any filter on at all. There are 5 voice filter FX in total, or maybe I’m reading it wrong and one of these entries is the base file.

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