Another "batch" of cosmetics

Cosmetics, my opinion-another repaint, meh.

I also have a question.
Does this helmet on pysker have a robotic voice?

If not, another meh.

I have no idea why even these points can’t be clarified if a potential buyer wants to purchase something. Literally, he’s buying a cat in the bag. Before buying, you can’t even listen to how his character’s voice will sound in this helmet, which sucks.

If you do introduce paid cosmetics, please make sure they are at least done conscientiously, for that kind of money. I see bugreports have already popped up there that voice sound doesn’t work in the “new” paid helmet in fanatic.
It’s just ridiculous…

Considering its a recolor of the ‘padded leather rebreather’ with only has the regular filter I doubt it. As far as I’m aware the last new scab filter hat was the Arges Augmetic. They absolutely should identify which of the voice filters cosmetics use, since there are a ton with the generic mask filter and very limited scab filter ones and they have the same tag. Come on now, Fat Shark. Do people really need to buy beware and come here asking for refunds if they guess wrong?

Here’s a list of scab filter cosmetics I’m trying to keep current. Please add to it if you notice any more.

Psyker: Warder’s Ceremonial Psyker Collar, Praesimiagoria/Honourum/Gnosis/Chem Safe Rebreathers

Veteran: Scion Helmet, Arges Augmetic

Zealot: Ecclesiarchy-Approved Diadem

Ogryn: XXXL Chem Safe Rebreather (with or without green bandana)

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FS added a “Unique Effects” section to the text description of head pieces that say if it changes the player voice. Is that not what you’re looking for? Is there more than one voice filter? I haven’t really bought any headpieces so I dunno!

Yes. There’s a vox microphone and there’s a muffled gas mask sound.

Speaking of which, the first helmets didn’t even have that on them…

Ah, thanks! Yea, they need to differentiate on that new Unique Effects text.


While I haven’t really been up to date on my cosmetics lore, from what I have heard the unique effects tag has been applied incorrectly to helemts, not applied to other helmets that need it, and some helmets that should have a filter don’t.

Again not 100% on that but I find it funny, and thankfully I don’t really care that much about it.

Stinks of a manual flag! Hope they sync that up better soon.

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