Power Sword Rework (After Patch 7)

I think we all agree Power Sword was slightly overpowered, it cleared hordes way to easily, although not the main purpose of Sharpshooter class.

Yet the Recent Patch to Power Sword made it much weaker, and relenting on a single blessing.

A rework that it have actual battery or charge would be better.
either a cooldown between activation or battery that get “drained over use” and “recharged over time”. in which a sharpshooter may clear wave or horde for limited time, for example covering a flank or until class specialized in horde clearing arrives, and not be able to remove a whole wave alone.

In current time, “Patch 7” ,
you are vulnerable for 1 second, do 1 heavy attack, then vulnerable for 1 second, then do 1 heavy attack, and so on, not sustainable at all, not even vs armoured targets.


Actually you can dodge while charging.

You could also get used to normal heavy / light attacks combined with some pushattacks or so… they´re still good for hordeclear, while you´ll only use your special or a range weapons against armored elites.

There are more possibilties than “charge - heavy - charge - heavy…”



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I support some system to allow users to not have to constantly toggle power weapons on. A “charge” system seems like a good one to me.

I HATE when i charge up my thunder hammer and have to race the timer so it doesn’t just turn off with no warning shortly before it skips off the supple flesh of a passing mutie.


Maybe they just need to get rid of Power Cycler, it feels like that blessing will always be desirable. Non-energized atacks for PS also should be something playble like in case of Illisi. For charching balance it could just take a bit longer to activate. PS problem is that you just don’t wanna use it without charge buff and that chrage spam either OP or annoying to reactivate

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Yup true, yet Dodge is limited in numbers, and dodging wont always save you, and most important dodging stops stamina regen, now we need to dodge twice as much, before the nerf, i would dodge 1-3 at max during horde clearing time, now am doing twice as much, sometimes reach the limit.

There is , but more possibilities are not “better possibilities”, even with the blessing that removes target hit mass on weak spot kill, doing charged are much better, also stamina regen delay is the highest for sharpshooter between all classes with a “1.25 delay” and also does have a lower stamina regen than zealot.

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Tbh it´s just like you´ve to deal with stuff now you had to deal on other weapons all the time.

Will probably get nerfed anyway, dunno. It´s too strong since it takes out the biggest drawback especially on high damage weapons.

Yes but you´ve dozens of range-buffs and sit on an incredible amount of toughness instead. That a Vet shouldn´t be a Zealot in terms of melee is obvious class-design. Yet it´s still not impossible to perform well with the nerfed PS or other weapons performing like it since release.

well you gave me possibilities that are not better replacement than “heavy + charge” , and efficient to use against roamers or small patrol teams, or maybe by right set of blessings.

No God, Please No! | Know Your Meme

That’s Exactly what i said in the post, it should not perform zealot job, and with all the dodge and stamina is inferior to zealot, its already less capable in mobility than zealot, also range buffs dont really apply to horde clearing, as no “efficient” ranged wave clearing weapon you can equip, and as now sharpshooter got Kanteral or Bolter as good ranged weaponry.

You said you´re vulnerable at the time, so i would see normal heavies or the standard push and light-attacks spam as a better option than dieing in the worst case.
If we talk about DPS… then yeah, spamming your special might be a thing. But it doesn´t mean it´s always the best answer.

Bolter crushes everything and yes, it needs a little nerf. :wink:

You could pick revolver aswell. Yes it might need some positioning or in a perfect scenario a chokepoint, but you can decimate a whole horde with just one magazine. Go for the rest in melee and call it a day.

Also PS is still strong in waveclear anyway. Might be annoying to perma-use your special if you really want to, but that´s it. As been said, other weapons had to deal with drawbacks all the time and never had that amount of damage / cleave, meanwhile still doing their job on damnation even without mandatory-blessings.


Reiterating my support for this idea. Power swords should be toggles. Rule of cool. Rule of fun. Rule of don’t annoy me while I am playing a video game.


Wow just like the strongest psyker melee option available.

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While the idea isn’t bad since you could also play around new ammotypes or so, it’ll just last in the next issues.

It’ll be either to strong because managing the battery-status is a no-brainer, or poeple will moan all day long if they’ve like a minute downtime and just can’t use the special.

Just look at Psyker… peril was ok, but mimimi… now it’s a joke of a drawback and just too strong together with the possibilities staves offer. It made one feat useless aswell.

You stay away from the fun things. You clearly hate fun. I don’t even like the bolter and it is clearly quite fine.

I do not have a problem with how they buffed psykers. I still see psykers blow themsleves up and have downtime. They’re glass cannons and they needed some cannon.

Its not about high brain genius drawbacks its about balancing the weapon properly around its intended function.


@Reginald @omar_uav never argue with the lord and savior @Darth_Angeal because surely only he knows the gospel of true game balance.

Nah i´m just able to have fun with any weapon and i see dealing with cons as something to deal with. So i either tweak my build or get better at the weapon.

Also i don´t want to get it nerfed to the ground. Let it be the nicheweapons for bosses and ogryns, i don´t mind. But those missiles shouldn´t be that accurate to kill everything on high-range aswell. Maybe even decrease the penetration slightly, so the little sister, named revolver, will fit this niche and can deal with multiple enemies better than the bolter which has way more damage in general.

There are ways to tweak the strength but still keeping it strong.

Being strong is one thing. Being able to take out several enemies permanently with endless stagger another.

Still mad because i told you that we might play different games? Or that it seems that you haven´t adapt that well to DT like i did, because our experiences in comparison of both games are completely different?
What´s wrong with poeple these days…

I am just fervently smiting the lords enemies with all my vigor. Don’t take my zeal as misplaced as it is surely and truly inevitable.

Yeah yeah… keep nerding and welcome on ignore i guess.

I am the same. I actually prefer harder more weird weapons to simpler ones.

Everything you just said flies entirely in the face of what the bolter is and how it should be represented in game. The only single thing that should be considered for the bolter to nerf it is a very small ammo stockpile reduction of one magazine.

Not at all. Its not even relevant. I honestly hate having surge psykers on my team, its the least useful staff in the game.

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This wouldn´t be a nerf, more of a joke since we all know how much ammunition is available.

I do know it´s hard to take something away which has been a thing for ages, but there aren´t many other ways to keep bolter balanced / put it into a good niche and on top being able to keep stuff like revolver in a better state.

I would also still be for “less damage blessings” and more “utility-blessings”. Bolter is strong in its core, so why not picking my 2 possible light-nerfs and put them on blessings like “100% accuracy while ADS” or “double-penetration”.

It´s just a bit of brainstorming, but i´m sure there are ways to do it better without destroying the core of a weaponn.

Subjective i guess. Surge is easy to use and highly recommend on the special-modifier, which poeple claim to be the biggest challenge imo. Ofc it lacks damage in comparison, but hey, you can take out any elite and any special easily. Those guys who should be the biggest threat y´know…
I really like utility-gameplay more than stats and ofc a dead enemy won´t hurt you aswell, but that´s too much imo. And it´s not much better on the other staves since the biggest drawback on Psyker “Peril-management” is not really a thing anymore.

They very much are. People talk about uncharged power sword as if it’s unusable, I’m convinced because they’ve never actually tried to. I use uncharged power sword on hordes ALL THE DAMN TIME on Damn when I play Vet. Who the hell looks at this cleave and damage distribution and goes “yep unusable”. Literally only people who were mega spoiled by its ridiculous special attacks.