Potion of Agility

According to RwC’s guide it gives ‘Grants hangover screen effect for 3 sec. And then double the dodge distance for 30 sec.’

It’s underwhelming, no one uses it. In theory it can be used differently than other potions because the 30 sec duration is a lot. I should use it immediately if I find one and have a useful potion already. But I’m accustomed to impactful potions therefore I will leave it there. And when I have time to check potions, 30 sec will pass without meeting enemies most of the time.

It should give something to be useful. Doubling the dodge distance worth nothing if you have a weapon with 0-10 dodge bonus.

It should make you a handmaiden:
+20 or +30 dodge distance and timing. Too much distance isn’t that good either.
Unlimited dodge numbers. Actually +3 would be enough.
Free pushes and blocks. Or 50% cost reduction. Or +100% stamina regen.
+5 or +10 movement speed.
Extra movement while blocking but the result shouldn’t be higher than the normal movement speed.

This one I would consider an agility potion and it would have an impact.
Some of the effects could be non-listed ofc. Reduce the duration and the hangover time.

But if you think it’s too much the fixed dodge bonus still would be better. And you should double the duration.

I don’t want to open another topic for the invis potion but 5 sec duration is too short. It should be 10sec. And it would be more interesting giving crit to the first attack under the duration. A mini-shade effect.

This is a nerf, not a buff. It doubles dodge distance, not dodge bonus. I.e. 1.1 dodge distance to 2.2 for a 10% bonus weapon. Your “fix” would change it from 1.1 to 1.3 or 1.4.

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Maybe. :slight_smile:
But I would change the dodge distance bonus for something more useful anytime.

Nah you could easily make this about the rest of the potions too. Stealth is too short and not possible to be useful with the consuming animation thrown in too without decanter. Poison shield would have been much better as some kind of environmental hazard potion since gas is often the least damaging hazard on cursed maps. Even just resisting the damage would be amazing for the oft seen wall of x horde never ending on a stairwell while you take constant chip from x curse hazard. The agility is wonky and handmaiden-ish taking off from the team when you dodge. Wrath only affects weapon damage vs Prophetic and has a hangover effect that works against its longer duration, and doubling power is generally much better at the late game damage wise too. The life potions that are great can be replaced in usefulness by several boons/a shrine buff that can give you green health. A Grail Knight with the strength pot quest is the best source of potions in this mode since the other damage potions don’t defeat armor. I usually only bother with lifeshare and Prophetic, replacing the wrath potions slowly with those until the end of the game.

Yeah, others might be reconsidered, too.
Many of them are too situational like the protection from poison or the agility potion.