Investing in movement speed

Hello there! I ve seen a bunch of streamers running very fast with their pg’s so i thought that maybe they ve invested some properties in movement speed…it s a worth while? What do you think?

I used to run seal of the swift rider all the time, upping speed and adding infinite dodges. But in vermintide 2 there are better options like crits and attack speed to take imo. Only my handmaiden has a speed increase from her abilities at the moment.

it’s critical for me to get any movement speed increase. 5% from charm is a lot, 5% more from talents is hugely noticeable. it plays a part in almost everything: covering ground before striking, kiting things like bosses or hordes, giving you more time to draw your ranged before a packmaster catches you, catching up to teammates to hide behind tanks, etc etc etc.

that being said, i favour mobility and damage evasion, so that’s my playstyle.


I’ve been in groups and had people complain about how worthless movement speed is when they never aimed while mobile, or using weapons like drakegun/beam/firestorm. They don’t see the benefit of just being able to just MOVE out of the way of a strike and popping back into the fray instead of dodging.

Any stat that has very limited ways of increasing is always worth going for.

5% movement speed is something u wont feel much, tryed it

-U wont run away from enemies
-You wont reach them faster (because u need to run 20meter to notice slight diference)
-Maybe it is good dodging (but didnt notice) will read other people opinions.

Only thing whats is good is when you wish to heal somene with bandages or gief potion and he is runing away, in like 20meters of run you will get close to him slightly , just to click bandage or gief.

Overall not worth (thats my opinion)
I played alot of games with +movement speed on gear, and basicly if its under 15% u wont feel it much.

Last I checked, you couldn’t stack to get 10%. I had a talent with 5% and an accessory with 5%. I ran right behind my team mate who just had 5% accessory and we were going the exact same speed. Either the talent just doesn’t work or the bonus has a limit.

5% seems meh to me. 10% might be handy, but I can’t tell since it does not work. At least it didn’t last week when I tried it.

totally disagree, the speed increase is very noticeable to me.

it stacks. the movement of a shade (+5% from trinket and another +5% from talents) for example, is way faster than any normal class without it.

Im talking about classes which not have movement speed from talents, so they got total 5%, stacking movement speed to classes with talent is good idea.

Se you feel diference when u have 5% only?

I just tested out the run speed talent handmaiden last night running right behind a friend with no speed bonus. We were the same speed.

Could be that movement speed is broken, again, it was that way in the original Vermintide for a really long time.

I do know it used to work in the beta like hero power cough cough and that Bardin had his talent improperly coded for 100% extra movement speed.

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