Kerillian movement speed nerf ? bugged?

Hey guys

I feel like a difference with the movement speed between now and before the patch. Mostly on Shades but feel like it’s the same on handmaiden. I don’t know if the 5% move speed talent is bugged or it’s a tinfoil or a ninja nerf.

I felt a difference because I used to do speed run on against the grain or screaming bell, and the slayer is way way faster than me (more than before), even sienna.

How do you guys feel about it ? is it just me ?


Are you sure that they are not using movement speed items? or are you doing this solo?

Played a lot today, not noticed any such thing I’m afraid. Are you sure there wasn’t any latency at play?

Haven’t played my Shade yet since the patch, I’ll get some in tonight and see what is up.