Decanter enhances purple potion in unintended way

Not only does Decanter increase the duration of purple potion by 50%, but it also increases the rate of cooldown regenerated by 50%.

Naturally purple potion regenerates ult cooldown by 10sec per 1sec passed. With Decanter, it now regenerates 15sec per 1sec passed. I’m guessing that this is due to Decanter doing more than duration increase in CW and somehow it’s affecting purple potion in campaign.

IIRC there was always a difference between Decanter and other potion buffs.
Though I can’t give exact values, on my memory the fastest regeneration was on Concoction.
My experience is based on Twitch, to be specific a trick when you override Twitch’s potion buffs with your buff.
You could use a potion just before you get a twitch buff and that potion’s effectiveness would override Twitch Mode’s one, but the duration of Twitch buff would stay.
This way Concoction was the fastest purple pot, Decanter was a second one and I’m not really sure, but I think proxy and traitless one were the slowest.

Concoction regenerates 10sec cooldown per 1sec passed just like normal pots atm.

Maybe something changed, but I specifically tested it with Twitch Boons and Concoction gave the fastest regen.

Just tested it again that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Only trait that affects cooldown rate of purple potion as for now is Decanter, others are all the same; 10 per a sec.

Anything could happen considering they fixed that Twitch interaction.

Nah it has nothing to do with the Twitch setting.

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Nope,before this Decanter and Concoction(not Proxy) had “unintended” +50% faster ult regen which they “fixed” a long time ago,necessitating the need of cdr on trinket for BH.My guess is that they inadvertently brought it back for Decanter by accident

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Who knows. No way I can test it now anyway, but I’m still pretty confident that before the fixes Concoction gave way much more regen compared to Decanter.

Doesn’t really matter because that obviously isn’t the case anymore. Check it for yourself sometime if you still aren’t sure of what I’m talking about.

I understand that currently it’s irrelevant, relax.

Thanks for making that clear at last.

Except it hasn’t worked this way for 3 years. There were times when potion related traits did affect effectiveness of potions but it was patched some time ago, so before CW dropped in purple potion restored 10sec cooldown per sec regardless of your traits. I’m assuming that Decanter buffing purple for extra is due to a bug because recent patch notes doesn’t mention anything about it and other potions(speed and strength) aren’t experiencing this issue.

why would you report this? this is a good thing.

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