Problems in twitch with potions

After you get a boon (speed, strength or concentration) and drink another potion which you carry - or immediately drink after the boon has ended - sometimes the sound of drunken state remains for the entire game or until another boon happens. If I drink a potion when the sound is bugged the pot won’t cancel the sound. Another boon can, but it won’t cancel the sound if another boon expires.
Tried to recreate, no luck, it is totally based on randomness for me.

Another: after you get a concentration boon and when it expires you drink a concentration potion immediately, the result can be a much slower refill rate, like the boon has. The consumed potion won’t refill the ability bar as fast as it should, instead it fills as slowly as the boon fills. Trait: decanter.
Tried to recreate this as well, but no luck. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t do. I think it is based on the interval between the boon’s expire and the drink time.

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