Post-creation character customization: name, height, gender etc

Dear FS, please allow us some additional customization of existing characters.

Firstly, an option for changing a character’s name.

Secondly, things like height or even gender would be greatly appreciated.

You can put these options on a long cooldown, if necessary.

Thank you for your time.


Hear hear. I can not find any reason whatsoever why these quality of life features wouldn’t be available to paying customers. I’ve run a mission with two ogryn named Bragg, one of which was mine, that alone invalidates all claims of “uniquenes” or whatever the developers or white knights would claim. There simply isn’t an argument that would or could justify this character editing not to be a thing. Thanks.


Agreed. The characters we play in DT just aren’t fleshed out enough to justify locking in certain cosmetic options — height is literally the only thing about our characters that has any effect on gameplay and they don’t even speak during cutscenes.

Only thing that makes it make sense to me is if FS is planning on selling extra character slots, which would be a pretty scummy move.


I agree, honestly you should be able to completely redo your character background, homeworld, backstory, name, height, appearance, gender, and voice. No one is going to grind up a whole new character just to change their name or something.

why even have a character generator then?

Agreed 100%.

Would love to pretty much re-do my entire character from scratch at any time I want, including history.

It would be also nice if we got some new official (and more elaborate) word on possibility of this happening, because iirc the only time it was addressed was by Hedge saying it can’t be done right now due to technical difficulties, and it being low on priority list.

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“We actually built stuff like height, voice, and names on spaghetti, so we’re unsure if we can implement these changes without absolutely screwing ourselves for time considering that this game launched a year or two too early and we have to delay that stuff to manage the game we didnt finish. Sorry!”

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A height slider has to be available at the bare minium considering how much it affects actual gameplay. Like my character has to constantly look down in order for me to hit minions in melee, which considerably f*cks with my ability to perceive threats in the distance and I am not keen on having to level up entire characters from scratch, because this is not available. Height is just as much part of a character build as anything else.

with this change, they should also allow your back story to be visible under your name when players select you in the social tab, this way you can feel the lore that you and others have created about your characters!

We definitely need this.

If I want to rename my Ogryn to Mario to fit his new hat then I should be able to. :frowning:

Please for the love of all that is holy make this possible, I had no idea what I was doing when I made my first character and I hate the voice and name now but have already invested way too much time to start over.

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