Changing our character's height, voice and name

Since we already can change our general appearance at the new surgeon, is it too much to ask for these other things that we can’t change?

The voice particularly is important to me. I really dislike my character’s voice and re-starting from zero just to change the voice set is really no bueno for me. Is there a technical reason this isn’t a part of the surgeon’s offerings?


I agree. We shouldn’t be stuck with height or name, especially since duplicate names are allowed anyways. What, the surgeon who can magically change your eye color and skin color can’t change your height, a surgical procedure that we literally have in 2022?

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They acknowledged it and said it’s on their radar. They said the remaining cosmetic features being changeable are a low priority to them right now because it’s more technically complicated to set those things than just your face, hair, tats etc…

Basically what they’re saying is changing your voice, height and gender would force a level reload. They set that stuff before your character even loads into the hub, and they’re probably trying to figure out if they can change that dynamically on the fly. But it’s not an out of the box solution and therefore takes lower priority to…the rest of the game.


That’s good. I’m glad it wasn’t a deliberate choice based on in-universe reasons…


There is no sex in the 40k universe. The Emperor doesn’t care what’s between your legs, He cares what’s in your hands.

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I just discovered that height actually plays a role in combat, and I happened to create a tall psyker that cannot safely crouch behind cover - whereas a minimum height psyker can. A small detail that makes a world of a difference. I like to think that this should bump the importance of this issue up a few rungs.

So being anything but the absolute shortest is just a detriment?

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