Please, let us change our gender in Barber-Surgeon!

Hi there!

First of all I’m not sure if I’m in the correct forum…

I’ve seen the barber-surgeon in game and I realized that you can change things of your body but not your body-style (gender). It’s year 40k and everything about supporting gender change is very popular and cool in our society right now so… please! let us change it! :frowning:

What do you think? ^^


I agree, i also think we should be able to change voice if we get tired of the one we originally chose, and maybe our outfit color for a fee.


also name, height

maybe creating a system where you have to do some challenges for the barber and then you unlock the ability to change name ect in exchange of in-game currency.


I absolutely agree with being able to change height and gender. The restrictions on barber really surprised me.


Addressed by devs. They would like to but it’s more complicated than the other features they already let you change. It is stated to be a low priority to them for time being.

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ooh… :frowning: thanks for the info anyway. Well I hope a reconsideration.

Oh you will be able to do all these things…with microtransactions…

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I don’t see why it would be more complicated.

If gender X, use voice pool X.
If voice Y, play voice from pool Y.
If backstory Z, play voice samples flagged Z.

Admittedly this is simplifing it massively but still.

Name and height also seems entirely arbitrary to restrict.

It doesn’t have to have an in-game lore friendly explanation when it’s simply a matter of player preference.

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It’s about software design.

I didn’t make it, but here’s what I assume.

Your height, gender and voice are not dynamically loaded like all the cosmetic textures like your face, scars, tats and what not. Those can be changed on the fly without forcing the player to reload the hub.

So to allow you to change those things, they have to re-create the UI from character creation. They copy/pasted the details they could into the barber, using the exact same UI. If it were as straightforward as adding height voice and gender, don’t you think they would have just done that?

Players always assume **** is simple because they don’t actually know anything about how the game is designed from a code perspective. It’s not impossible, but it requires additional work and coding to add these things. They did the 70% that was easy, and the remaining 30% that takes additional work takes a backseat to the rest of the game.

People are getting up in arms like they think this is a deliberate choice with ulterior motives that Fatshark is making. It’s not. It’s just the reality of when assets get loaded, what can be changed dynamically, and how much code they have to rip out of character creation and recreate in the barber. They did the low hanging fruit portion of it already, and that’s what we have. It’s not that the rest isn’t doable, it’s that they have more mission critical things to focus on right now.

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Why would that be much more complicated than loading in every other players character model of any gender in the lobby? Or playing back any other characters voice lines on your end.

As for height, how would it even count as loading a different data set, it’s just a scale adjustment of the base model?

You’re saying we’re assuming a lot but it seems to be that you’re assuming just as much on your own.

The backstory stuff isn’t even factored into hub interactions either, it only comes up during missions.

No, if there’s any obstacle to implementing full customization it probably comes down to UI design being a pain the ass.

You’re not wrong.

But I’m erring on the side of literally taking them at their word about their own game when they said it was more complicated, rather than the opposite perspective which is…what? That they’re lazy? That they’ve got weird ideas about gender and height? That they’re just straight up lying?

Maybe step back a sec from the very specific want that you’d like fulfilled and look at the bigger picture.

The only argument that even remotely sways me that this matters a lot is that you can’t know how annoying the voice you picked is until you’ve played a round or two. And that is at the end of the day, a round or two of wasted time. The other arguments, that people arbitrarily want to swap their gender or be 3 inches taller or shorter when the mood strikes them…no wonder Fatshark put that work on the back burner. It’s so minor in the grand scope of what’s already been done and what’s yet to do.

I work with software designers every day where we have to make these kinds of calls: what has the most impact vs. what we have the time and resources to do right now. And guess what? My customers also get mad when the one thing they care about isn’t as important to us as it is to them.

Then he is not a barber anymore :joy:

To be fair he’s a Chirugeon. And in 40k they can do pretty much anything with the body.

And, fun fact, the original surgeons in the United States, before medical schools and hospitals, were barbers.

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i mean, let’s not look into the lore for once

just let us edit either Name, Height, Voicetype
with no issues, no problems.

i can understand they wanted to make people be ““unique””
but the reality is that people are forced to delete their own operatives to try more voices…or change name because for roleplay purposes or just simply because they wanna switch out.

Like, if you create 3 zealots because you wanna have 3 zealots to try both voices, technically 6 voices considering the other voice actors from the other gender, then you would end with the inability to use other classes because you have just few char slots. (and can’t even try all the voicetypes ect of other classes as well)

then, another thing, no currency account wide, so it’s even more harder…

the real solution would be, giving the ability to change everything (voice, name, height, gender), keeping the ability to delete your own char, (if you want to reset just to level up again for the sake of it) and that’s it
everyone will be happy

and i don’t know for real what would be the reasons to not allow us this…
even elden ring it is possible for example.

lol true

I would at least like to change height.

I will be honest: every game that gives you character creator and then don’t let you edit it later is full fault on developers for players complaining. People create they characters and after some hours put in they realize that they don’t like their height, their eyes, even their gender or voice like they thought.

It’s should be A BASE FEATURE for games with character creator to let you edit fully your character.

What’s even more: it’s THEIR design choice that progression is not shared among characters. If I could just create second veteran and have access to all my currency/stuff from my first veteran then it wouldn’t be an isssue.

But like it is currently: they should give us full editor option. I mean they have been desinging this game for years with character generator in mind and they didn’t figuret that out till now? Come on.

i want to change my name to something stupid plz