Could you Please let us change voice and charecter backstory also height

Hello i have ocd and im upset with my charecters voice and background i want to be able to change it but i cant and i have leveled both my charecters up to 20 and i dont want to start over could you tell us if you plan to add this feature later on to be able to change charecter voice and background if so id be really happy and would keep playing with the same charecter and just wait for the update to come out at some point thanks.

I hear there is a technical issiue involved with it also however im not sure how it works but maybe its tied to the cutscenes? if so you could make it so that you can change these things after you hit level 30 this would also let people enjoy different voice choices for charecters and being able to dynamicaly swap between them would be a nice addition also height affects gameplay and there are plenty of people who made a charecter really tall and are regretting it now because aiming is more diffucult and taking cover is more difficult i dont have this problem since my charecter is short but for people who made their charecter tall it would be a nice addition to be able to change it thank you.

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I want to change my name to something stupid.

yes name aswell we should be able to change that too

Hah puny Ogryn, Im DAH BIGGEST

Hi! +1, but let me add to it, that absolutely critical parameter that I wish we could change is character HEIGHT .
This one thing, unlike other purely cosmetic things, affects gameplay by affecting the viewpoint and possibly the hitbox, and I want to be able to change it.